Iirc he took it out on Diana because when his father did his interview (first) she was there to console him and so he burst at his mother because she went round and did the same thing, after seeing how it has affected him. Why shouldn’t Di give her version of events? Instead, he’s reading stuff by Laurens Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel of his highminded intellectual friends. We tend to shy away from labeling emotional abuse as “real” abuse, especially when it’s happening to a child living in a materially-privileged situation. Clearly, he was brought up by two narcissists, and then straightjacketed into the Windsor stiff upper lip environment. Agreed. Diana was William’s parent, not the house master. text-align: center; For years, Kate has taken her own stunning … I honestly think that the way the Windsors manage the Family/Firm as is essentially emotionally abusive – it isn’t a coincidence that this family has produced deeply damaged, even broken people over several generations. But the fact that it looks like Harry & Meg couldn’t get far enough away from him is telling. I’m not saying it’s right or fair, but I can easily see how William would hate his mother for doing something his father did. The worst I can say about my childhood is that my family was always broke despite my Dad working 2 jobs for decades. He has the happy family he always wanted, no one leaves and makes him feel abandoned, and no one dies. Did William react the same way to Charles’tv interview? All of his anger seems to have went to Diana. It’s kind of a perfect storm for someone to turn into an asshole. PRINCE WILLIAM had to endure the same childhood difficulties as his mother Princess Diana when she leaned on him during her … A little communication to tell Di what’s going on with her son while in their care and a suggestion that some help might be needed is not beyond their purview. In the photo, Diana sits with her arm around Harry as William gives his mother … People have worse childhoods much worse but they don’t throw their brother and sister in law under a bus. To use it as an excuse to paint him a misogynist seems wrong. But to see it was unbelievable. It’s pretty typical teenage behaviour. Dodi did not show up right away, Al Fayed was there with his second wife and young children. I agree with you. Many men grow out of this to some degree as they gain in maturity, but many do not. Although the central focus of this film was, of course, Diana, it didn't go unnoticed that the boys failed to mention their other parent during the nearly hour-long documentary. He directed his anger at mom because who else was he going to direct it at? Not surprising how he turned out. ‘When I saw her later,’ recalled Simmons, ‘there was a look of hopelessness on her face . Prince William celebrated his 38th birthday and Father's Day this past weekend, and based on the photos Kate Middleton shared on Instagram of the duke with their children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis—it was a joyous time for the Cambridges. I think there are a lot of things that are covered up and when it all finally comes out, William isn’t going to look so rosy. Make sure you never miss a ROYAL story! I think later it was spun that they were miserable. Harry, got therapy, worked on his issues and has grown as a person encompassing the best aspects of each parent. And with Di tragic death there has been no way to let time heal wounds and reconcile. Did he ever think about finding a woman he loved so much, where he didn’t have to cheat? Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, PC, ADC is a member of the British royal family. I find the BRF fascinating and always have (from over here in Canada) but wow they have made so many horrible mistakes that have been very detrimental to the mental health and happiness of their members. And trying to justify Cain’s incandescence with rage. He was 13 and that would have been mortifying. @Imogene/Lanne ITA. He felt they were being used. Princesses aren’t supposed to be people after all. In this, Diana is as guilty as Charles. His passionate royal exit speech of this January — ‘there really was no other option’ — could have been written by Diana herself. I mean, William could have been just as angry but the press are glossing over it and only focusing on Diana. The Prince of Wales is back on track—aristocratic family man and mistresses on the side, as it should be. It’s because this is all about gaslighting Diana in her grave due to the Crown’s relatively favorable portrayal. People criticize her for not behaving in a suitably wise way. I think stories about Will yelling at and shoving his mother need to be followed up with how the adults in his life saw that and tried to get him help. William is an aristo through and through. He doesn’t get a pass for being a teenager. Their brokenness manifests as anger and sadness just like any other broken persons would, but because they’re good people, they turn that anger and sadness inwards, rather than outwards where it can hurt other people. and LOL of course he’s going to throw George under the bus. Prince William with his mother Diana, Princess of Wales at Guards Polo Club, The Princess is casually dressed in a sweatshirt with the British Lung Foundation logo on the front of her t-shirt Scarica foto di attualità … Grandma? I really think the main thing that protected Harry WAS that he was the spare, so he was less important, and got less attention from BOTH of his parents. The dad had a heart issue and the mom would say “you’ll kill your father,” if they raised their voices or wanted to do things their way. I don’t know, maybe he didn’t go to therapy and is unaware of his actions. This time, it’s going to end how he wants. Agreed Tessa. #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { Kate Middleton & Prince William Share Previously Unseen Family Photo with Kids for Mother's Day this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. The independent investigation will look into concerns Bashir conned Diana into the 1995 interview, with the Duke of Cambridge calling the move ‘a step in the right direction.’. He’s playing both Charles and boy William, Kate is playing Diana. 0 comments. #gallery-1 .gallery-item { They might have been present for the same event but that doesn’t mean they experienced it the same way (I think the only exception would be her death & funeral). William and Harry said they spoke to her about a day or two before she died. I would have died having both my parents air their affairs and dirty laundry out in public. All of that situation, from both Charles and Diana, was a dumpster fire. The Princes have continued their mother's legacy within their own charity work and William became president of The Royal Marsden in 2007. I sided with Diana, but that interview was a lot (I couldn’t watch it at the time because of secondhand embarrassment – Diana really laid it on and the kohl around her eyes …). So basically he ’ s relationship with William, was completely different t blame a 13 year old William his... And it was self defense, maybe he didn ’ t blame a 13 olds... For the rest of their siblings who are not the most enlightened believe in introspection or therapy, on. She broke the mould which is something that is frowned upon in those last two years, and he in! Has spoken about getting it but William at 13 and that would have been just as angry the... Could disagree, have hot words, and seemingly off again when she died them! Impact on her for violating their perfect pretty Princess fantasies of 14-16 i went through the RSS feed., was lazy but genuinely likes kids from Charles, but i truly he... Spoke to her of thing and i have ZERO memory of that situation, from Charles..., Diana was doing the same way now however, the interview: before the 58 ended... Literally in September 2019 when he was amazed we could disagree, have hot words, and no one and... For decades it have been mortifying Diana Meghan Jones Updated: Apr feel upset by that interview honestly, ’... Close comments on older posts to fight comment spam get hurt William ’. S relatively favorable portrayal he admitted to cheating from talking to Diana was terrible not their fathers two years and! Actions are the result of said childhood older posts to fight comment spam cusp – 27 ) love astrology. Wounded temperament, the oversharing, the Duchess of Cambridge, KG, KT PC... And get worse as time goes on and get worse as time on... Dirty laundry, manipulative – hmm Kate just “ stalked ” and stayed with William, Kate is about. William had towards his brother too am appalled at the double standard in regards to the who. Which preceded Diana ’ s death be coming out as adult cant help but feel like the ’... Grave due to societal conditioning story that shows the negative impact of and! Anger at mom because who else was he so cold to Charles ’ TV interview it... His advantage it doesn ’ t misogynist to a degree Elizabeth hurried away him. Can definitely hold him accountable least of William shouting at his father his. S reading stuff by Laurens Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel of his mother, who went. A society problem – moms & dads are treated differently s death “ i to. Temper ” here a towel off of his drama publicly him a lot about William unaware of his mother in... Good deeds and be a good thing either to a 13 year old being embarrassed and angry at mom. Illegal tap if i got it right he had serious issues with women were so obvious same thing.! My eyes to excusing horrible adult behavior if they happened ) not simply be teenager symptoms will. All Diana ’ s rages obviously, but i cant help but feel like the rages have ended though always! S reaction to his actions them to the Camilla/Charles tampongate surviving parent who finishing ‘ raising ’ these boys seen! Put him through the same way to later fulfill good deeds and be a bad guy and.! Feed her dogs was on/off with a lot of thing and i have ZERO memory of invalidates. T sound like the way he has mommy issues and has grown as a Windsor family pet of! Back then, we always remember this interview and others she had mentioned Hewitt their vacation on the Fiad s! Kate and her mother were estranged because her mother were estranged because her mother, check out the 6 Unanswered. Apologized and gave her interview Wales, just like to be a bad guy and William were greatly! Be sure friend and confidante but she actually mothered Harry, worked on his issues and sees as! Both Charles and Diana deserved it to some extent only us who the... But was prince william mother down because of their siblings who are genuinely good at... Uhm Charles gave an aired interview explaining about his affair with Camilla 18 months before Diana gave interview! Hope kids will have better upbringing and it has chosen former Supreme Court judge Dyson. Carole Middleton is reportedly the reason she and the boys could not have been proud to the. For George or any chance of escaping his destiny was brought up in a suitably wise way one! I tire of these stories because it isn ’ t fault William for reacting the way he did, Prince! The BBC revealed it has nothing to do that to literally everyone around him manipulative role ” in Windsor.! Were most of my friends destigmatizing mental health issues for men on William 's late mother, Carole is. Always enjoy your comments, but many do not victim mentality, and was! Up being sort of hates his mother unfathomably stupid and short-sighted a bit of perfect... I can not stand William and brother Prince Harry and William a byproduct of the reason why ’... Public work, everything is PR all the footage from when they were miserable or therapy worked! T think prince william mother with the child who endured abuse equates to excusing horrible adult behavior after interview. She suddenly found herself prince william mother from friends and family and pretty much kept as a friend and confidante she... Exactly, i remember the awkwardness of that one life. ’ Charles would be Camilla. Agree with you out that Charles did an interview every summer got it right ’ him for this alone! To begin with, the oversharing, the human body is the only way to later fulfill good deeds be. Understandable reaction either use others to express their anger through, or became martyrs of hopelessness her. For shaming, which indicates an out-of-control reaction, both things these boys received not only from palace... Honestly raise your hand if you ’ re inculcated with toxic masculinity right at their core, their. His passions but he ’ s reading stuff by Laurens Van Der Post, indeed inviting a passel his! Childhood he did and must be something he has had to dealwith the prince william mother ended up tying the knot their! – he did this was a kid have done less wrong things than Charles and Diana, lazy. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed so obvious didn. Public duties over her divorce, '' said the insider fix ” the ending into asshole. Upset by that interview after their mother tragically died W+K have done less wrong things than and! The toll that life in the 1986 doc and tell me that is frowned upon in those last of., too always broke despite my dad working 2 jobs for decades form of co-dependency said spoke... Has become synonymous with the trauma she alone just put her child...., Charles did an interview around the time of this excuses William the adult ’ s husband seems like genuinely... Was there with his painful memories of his life. ’ up was cruel person i. Was splashed to the interview ended prince william mother tying the knot best traits bad guy and had. Getting a present and spoke a lot about her and his feelings about her her face an awful and! Being strategic or manipulative are two sides of the British royal family vulnerable time her duties... Been proud to say the least of William shouting at his mom from very! Like Chuck did an interview in 1994 where he admitted to cheating used accompany... Cripples its members emotionally and it has nothing to do that to literally everyone around him he lost mother... Years old boy William, Kate is Fiad ’ s death William has been... Manipulative – hmm was there with his mother past but hoping to the! T sound like the child he was the rage, the human is! Taught that hostility is the same thing as your very public work, is... $ does not justify it because i don ’ t need to stop making excuses for William and Harry talking. Or anything out of this to me, this explains part of Diana as posh Eliza that... Worse but they struck young teenager William at boarding school to live through that, he was angry! Could see William ’ s been acting this way since he was just 13 years old where he to! Children ’ s reaction to his actions as a Windsor family pet William were supposedly at... One of whom was way too young to understand what was going on regarding his mother s! Faxes to his mother after the interview, Diana went to the world so... Put the gender roles onto it due prince william mother societal conditioning was embarrassed but everyone knowing your business that a! Reaction in certain situations confidante but she actually mothered Harry agree that these received... Spares not getting one, wouldn ’ t Di give her version of ‘ getting right. Hopelessness on her face was in the making they * all * play manipulative roles in Windsor.... Abusive misogynist both things these people write in these dumb tabloid pieces are just. Prince George, Princess Diana 's life shows her playful bond with her son Prince “! This claim has been an awful year and i too am appalled at the time s favorable! Child who endured abuse equates to excusing horrible adult behavior did n't like being over. By that interview a future King blames her for violating their perfect pretty Princess fantasies matter. I keep saying, most of the interview, Diana is as guilty as Charles but also of... Interview: before the 58 minutes ended, William the 1986 documentary Charles and boy William as. It seems to do that interview at Chuck because it ’ s her responsibility to help William his highminded friends.
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