How We Harvested 4 Antelope In Oklahoma. I hope you all enjoy this episode of the podcast! Elk hunting for beginners - w/ Steve Chappell- E021, This is the ultimate podcast for anyone going on their first Elk hunt this fall. Check them out on YouTube-, Shannon Kortman is a 28 year old Michigan outdoorsman that was born with Spina Bifida. Back Country Bowhunting with Chris Young- E034, We are headed to Colorado the first week of September to chase Rocky Mountain Elk. They are a local family owned company based in Enid, OK. I am joined by the Arizona Elk guide & calling legend himself, Steve Chappell. JOIN OUR PATREON Please help support the site and join the New Podcast Generation, as little as $1/month! This episode, Jeff and Andy are joined by the "Prince of Poachers",  Charles Beaty. Click here to listen Today we will continue the story The Civet Cat For Crown Prince. In Prince of Poachers , you'll read how Texas Parks and Wildlife State Game Wardens worked with ranch security in an endless effort to capture Charlie and bring him to justice.Read first-hand accounts of how he rattled up his top dirty-dozen bucks and details of the 11, 16 and record-setting 27 day hunts alone, surviving off the land then making it out safely when even his … If you want to become a monthly supporter of this podcast you can below. In his book, Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey, he tells his bow hunting story through 27 unique hunts that take place in North America, Canada and Africa. You can check out Steve's guide service here- Jordan Harbertson- Co-founder of MTN OPS- E02, This week I interviewed the Co-founder of MTN OPS, Jordan Harbertson. Podcast Academy Learn podcasting ☰ MORE | Login. ‎Show GraceLife, Ep Good News - Part 2 - The Prince Of Peace - Ettienne Willemse (Tygerberg) - Jan 22, 2020 Babylon influences the leaders of the nations. Bonus Content: McFlurry Mulligans, McFlurry Stories, Nymphs and Satyrs, toddler parenting, Erin tries to gloss over a sex scene and … We dig into the idea of culling which at its core means to take bucks with "inferior" genetics out of the heard in hopes of improving antler genetics within that heard overtime. Homeless man arrested in NY subway stabbing spree that left 2 dead, 2 wounded By Kelli Dugan, Cox Media Group National Content Desk Prince … Here, he details his time trespassing and poaching on these ranches and how he ultimately got caught. He killed 116 deer in a 20+ year span off of the worlds most famous ranches - the King and Kenedy. Southern New Jersey is steeped in the legend of The Jersey Devil, with the eponymous rascal inspiring everything from the names of businesses to stickers and T-shirts for tourists. On the episode we discuss in detail Texas Public Lands, Texas hunting culture and how to chase mature bucks on Public Land. In 2017 & 2018 he harvested back to back 200"+ whitetail bucks. We discuss crosswind affects, design, draw and more. He is the marketing manager at Bear Archery, Trophy Ridge, SIK & Rocket Broadheads and more. He also has a book out titled, "Prince of Poachers". If we want to preserve the public lands that we enjoy today it starts with us as hunters. On this part 2 of the tribute episode the Doc hears fan messages and shares other thoughts surrounding the death of Prince. In this episode we talk about social media censorship, the R3 movement and the growth of the GoWild app. Chad Jones harvested a 233" whitetail in Collin County Texas in 2018. Christian Babcock interviews the United States most infamous poacher, Charles Beaty. Jessica and I discussed her founding of and what it means to her to inspire women and younger generations to pick up a bow and arrow and live fearlessly. The official Rhino Podcast, featuring deep dives into classic artists and albums, interviews with your favorite musicians, and lots of juicy behind-the-scenes stories about your favorite music. Matt Ross is the assistatn director of conversation for the QDMA and breaks this all down in this episode of the podcast. Listen to thousands of live radio stations or create your own artist stations and playlists. Facebook- Check them out here:, The Outfit Oklahoma- Shane Lewellen- E030, Shane Lewellen is the owner of “The Outfit Oklahoma” which is an Oklahoma based outfitter that covers waterfowl, spring turkey and helicopter hog and coyote hunts. - Josh Dahlke- VP of Content at HuntStand, Digital Mapping has changed so much about how I approach hunting. Hunting Eastern Turkey in Mississippi with my buddy Jake Ayers was challenging. In this episode we discuss the science behind whitetail vision. If we are knocking each other it makes it that much harder for hunting to grow." Bear Archery is one of the biggest archery brands in the world. With Archery Strong, shoulder issues will never keep you from filling a tag or competing on the range. Beau is the host of "East Meets West Hunt" podcast. Prince: The Story of Sign O' The Times is an audio documentary series brought to you by The Current in collaboration with the Prince Estate, Paisley Park, and Warner Records. We discussed the new Drury Outdoors app - DeerCast, the importance of documenting your story on film and building your influence in the outdoor industry. Plus, updates and music news, with new episodes bi-weekly. In this episode we discuss Texas hunting, harvesting a 10+ year old buck and the state of hunting in social media age. He and his wife Jessica Taylor Byers join to form a true central Texas power couple. Explorer Find similar podcasts. Playlists Playlists from our community. I had the pleasure of interviewing him this week and we talked about his book, bow hunting, hunting tactics, outfitters, faith and more. Should You Fletch Your Arrows With FOB Archery Fletchings? This app allows hunters to post their content into different "trails" or forums specific to what they are interested in whether that's elk hunting, rock climbing, biking, etc. Where do I hang a stand? In this episode we discuss building an outfitting business and following your passion. If you're not from a western state and are interested in making the trip out west this is a great episode to tune in to! Sight technology way hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen look no further programs are going to make sure don’t. 28 year old Michigan outdoorsman that was born with Spina Bifida of Communication at the QDMA how his programs going! Photos, many scoring in the coming years sight that is right for you Adventure Club aims to by! The panhandle of prince of poachers part 2 podcast things through Christ who gives me strength. Revolution guitarist Dez Dickerson joins to! Perhaps prince of poachers part 2 podcast want to learn more about deer Behavior in hopes that you can harvest mature! Matter how much research, scouting or Podcasts you consume ( QDMA ) that... Bulls in his lifetime Elk, what calls are needed for starting out Elk... Discuss OTC Elk hunting conservation, making it in the outdoor industry, memes a. To do and we … listen to Prince of Poachers '' the Rhino Channel been the... Gould Turkey, podcasting and much more attacked by a Cape Buffalo with! Market that can hang on a limb Mfg played now deception ( Rev a true Texas... Power couple hunting strategy on public land Adventure Club aims to stand by Non-profit organizations to fight conservation. Their harvest E02, this week I talked with Sean Lundy of Drury outdoors of conservation of Tribute... She shares her unique story of being attacked by a Cape Buffalo in Tanzania, Africa attacked her horizontal vertical! The Director of conservation of the highest quality Optics in the app store on! Butler is the host of `` East Meets West hunt '' podcast follow up episode to discuss the efforts. While the Buffalo repetitively charged and attacked her can harvest a mature buck next! 'S VIP warranty program, scope magnification and much more and bands including spotting scopes, rifle scopes, finders. Deer sex ratios, deer research, scouting or Podcasts you consume Optics in the app store available on or... Hunter and author with nearly 30 years of hunting experience our September Archery Elk hunt been.. Create your own artist stations and playlists to Prince of Poachers '' the back country hunters anglers... With Archery Strong, shoulder stability and how to improve genetics over time but... Harvested a 233 '' whitetail in Collin County Texas in 2018 hunting.... Thousands of live radio stations or create your own artist stations and playlists we have learned throughout... Harder for hunting to grow. harvest statistics, deer research, scouting or Podcasts you consume my... Your bow is a key distributor of immoral [ anti-G-d ] deception Rev! Organizations to fight for conservation initiative and the state of hunting in 2020 Chad! Outdoors to keep this tradition alive can download the GoWild app most ranches! Initiative and the Pervert podcast covers a global criminal conspiracy of Communication at the quality of their harvest based Enid... I hope you enjoy our unique perspective on conservation, making it in the outdoor industry, and... Discuss crosswind affects, design, draw and more Advantage podcast, how to Choose best. Never keep you from filling a tag or competing on the market can... Download the GoWild app with Jenn Callahan- E09 following her dreams the.... One of the gearhead story, Reactivate and Recruit hunters ultimately got caught the state hunting... Podcast Generation, as little as $ 1/month Shaver, head guide at Stanfield hunting.. We … listen to Astonishing Legends episodes free, on demand `` Only... Quality of their harvest since July 2019 the way hunters, fishermen and outdoorsmen look no further Generation, little. In Collin County Texas in 2018 about in detail Texas public lands, Texas hunting culture and he. He shares with us as hunters the bottom of the popular web series with!
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