So be sure to pour slowly and whisk the egg mixture quickly. It is decorated on top with additional piped on whipped cream and maraschino cherries. I need to try this recipe. You can freeze the cake layers as well and they can help act like an ice pack in the cooler. Hi Rose! Hi. The Metric measurements are automatically converted and haven’t been verified by me. How would you recommend transporting this cake? I also can’t find marishino cherries. So happy you loved it! FYI what I mean by frozen cake is only the baked layers. I have total faith in your decorating abilities Like you said, the bark hides a lot!! I did remove the bark to cut then placed it back on the cut pieces. Also, thank you for including the link to the high altitude baking. The first was for my older brother’s birthday. This is such an impressive, nearly daunting looking cake but glad to hear it was fairly simple to make. I do have some plain liquor any suggestions on what I should do?. Definitely will be making this again! Add wet ingredients to dry and mix on medium for 2-3 mins. For ease of measurements, I would cut it in half — you can do this by changing the Servings to 7. It says use cherry pie filling (which I dont like) I like to use tart cherries. Also I only have light buttermilk, will that still work? Hi from Australia So happy you like my recipes! That is such a great and easy technique! I had a lot of syrup leftover, which if I hadn’t dunked my brush into the whole jar and got crumbs in it, would’ve made a great mocktail/cocktail addition. Hi Pri! I don’t have any standard cup to use. I added a picture to the Pinterest post. It’s up to you if you’d like to cut them in half still. If you’re a Black Forest Cake fan, I hope you try this version! Can I use normal cocoa powder? Then I try others and was akways disappointed. I also had to use maraschino cherries since the grocery stores around us didn’t have fresh cherries (and to think I got myself ready with a cherry pitter). I find it best to cut them when the cake layers are chilled a bit. I hope you try this one. And maybe I will give the homemade ones a try , LOL…ok I have a post from 2012 where I share my disdain for maraschino cherries, as well! If I use whole milk, is that compulsory to use hot water?? By MaryJane Robbins. I would make it in advance but maybe take it along with you separately (also in the cooler ideally) and apply at the destination — just to be safe. 2) which cherries do you suggest would work best? Thank you! Can I just boil the cherry preserves with sugar and use it as a substitute for liqueur syrup? You can use a strawberry liqueur to make the syrup. What can I use in place of the cherry liqueur? I would just use the syrup on its own , Hi Liv, what type of olive oil can i use for this cake? Apologies for confirming, just don’t want to make mistake. I like to use sour cherries, but sweet cherries work too. I made it yesterday with my 5 year old and despite many challenges (non-recipe related), we managed to pull it off! natural unsweetened cocoa powder, sifted, (120 ml) neutral oil, such as canola or vegetable oil, cherry juice from canned cherries (drain cherries and reserve the juice). I also cooked it for about 40 mins. I worry they might be a bit mushy when thawed. This cake recipe has NEVER disappointed. Is this recipe god for cake with sugar icing on top? You may need to bake it a little bit longer. Line bottoms with parchment. Can you substitute butter milk for regular 2% milk? Hi Val! For the bark. Hi Bati! I used a whole bag of Trader Joe’s chocolate which was 284gm. Thanks so much. It’s lighter and less sweet, but not as much as whipped cream. and I was using a peanut oil ))). You can also use milk, but buttermilk gives the best result and makes the cake moist. Stir to combine. I’m hoping it will provide some nicer pieces to put on the cake. My question is about the crumb of this chocolate cake recipe. Easy to follow and worked beautifully even with my modifications to create individual mini cakes. Sorry for the delayed reply. Hi Deirdre! Hello, now this Black Forest Cherry Cake picture looks very authentic. What can we use in Black Forest cake instead of eggs? I did not use all the syrup for sure, I only brushed it on the layers and had a lot left over. I’m going to bake this gorgeous cake in a couple of days for my hubby’s birthday. Or does the parchment go in first? Yes, the batter is very thin and rises a lot. The batter will be thin and liquid. Thanks so much!! In order to keep it traditional, I also made a cherry syrup (using kirsch – cherry liqueur) to brush onto the cake layers. Thank you so much! How would you reccomend going about that filling-wise? I ended up making a little more of the whipped cream as I didn’t have enough and I added pure vanilla extract. I will add this to my permanent list for that one time a year I have to make my least fav cake. And if I wanted to do two cakes with 6″ pans, do I keep the proportions the same as your original recipe? Bake for 45 mins or until a cake tester comes out mostly clean. Still delicious, but I believe cherry liqueur would have been better, and less expensive. Plus a simple syrup to soak into the cake? I hope you love this one! I have been asked to make a Black Forest cake for a friend’s birthday but I have to travel 4 hours to deliver it. Fresh cherries. I found mine to change in texture and flavour a bit the following day after being in the fridge. thank you so much for the reply . Thanks for this wonderful recipe! Hi Hina! Yours is STUNNING! Hi Calline! . This recipe looks absolutely amazing. I don’t know if this was because that’s how the recipe is or because of the altitude. If you are not the fan of cherries. You can temper the chocolate to make sure it doesn’t melt, but that’s a much more involved process. This Black Forest Cake Recipe is a creamy, chocolate-cherry dream! Hi Ashvini! Hi Mathu! But you could just do that as a filling then frost with a buttercream. I would halve the recipe (Change the Servings to 7) and so do that twice, for best results. There is a metric converter below the list of ingredients to help you with the conversions , It depends what do you want to measure. Hi Kay! Definitely a keeper. please help. Oh shoot, if only I’d read this about trader jos cherries…making cake today and only have the canned ones. Should I use less cream between layers? In a large bowl, add the cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, greek yogurt, oil and eggs and … You would need to increase the recipes to use 9″ pans. Also, the juice from the can adds more cherry flavor, and the cherries are already pitted and soft, so they don’t need to be cooked. Hi Karen! I could also double the recipe and use three 9-inch pans, but that’s a lot of cake. Brush the cake with the liquor syrup until it literally glistens with the moisture. The biggest diversion from the recipe as written is that it is too late in the season to buy cherries, so I replaced with strawberries. Due to the whipped cream it is more perishable than other cakes and doesn’t last as long in general. If possible, I would whip the cream at your in laws. I used dried cherries. thank you . Hi Lisa! The details are in the recipe, I used 8″ rounds. 2 cherry comments: The cakes will be too thin in 9″ pans I think. Ideally, because of the whipped cream frosting, you would make and serve the same day. Perhaps comment is late…. Yes, it will work fine for cupcakes! Honestly, it will be best fresh the first day, but *should* last 2-3 days in the fridge. Hi Stasia! I tried out your recipe and the cake was absolutely delicious. I find that I need to bake slightly less time on convection, but wondering if you have a rule of thumb? You totally made my Monday Great idea about soaking the cherries in Kirsch first, I didn’t think of that! Hi Sydney! all-purpose flour, sifted, (65 g/2.3 oz.) I would also recommend using chocolate ganache to create a dam between the layers and add a thin layer of ganache frosting on the cake itself. That is high praise indeed! Copyright 2020 - Pretty. Thank you very much. For best results, I recommend using the recipe as-is. So happy the cake turned out and that everyone loved it . Hey! Hi Olivia! I am IMPRESSED!! Thanks! So happy you loved it and found it easy to follow. Yes, stabilized whipped cream will be fine. I almost always freeze my cake layers as I spread out my baking. Beautiful cake and great recipe! Can the batter wait 35 minutes. , Hi Harini! I’m so glad you liked it . Hi Brit! I made this for my husband’s birthday- he loved it! Thank God, i checked! Hi Olivia! It wasn’t too sweet, which was perfect. Lightly coat three 8-inch round baking pans with vegetable cooking spray … You can double it and bake in four 8″ pans if you have the space in your oven, but doing it twice might be safest. In 9″ pans I feel like the layers would be a bit on the thinner side. But wondering if I can use only a 8” high cake pan Instead of 2 x 8”? It looks very yummy. As close to feast as I could get in October. 1) how do you dust the at the beginning? Hi Kara! Haha thank you! I now have to rush to make another set of cakes =(. Please let me know how it turns out!! I added a black cherry filling between all the layers instead of the whipped cream. I can’t wait to try some of your other recipes! Black cherry home made filling made the cake very moist and added to the cherry flavor. I made the cake (but mini cupcakes and a 6″ cake), and the icing from the strawberry cake with mascarpone buttercream recipe and it was amazing! I will be trying out your Mocha cake this weekend , Hi Jackie! Can I check what is the temperature of the hot water stated in this recipe? I am definitely going to make this one! I hope you give this one a try . Hi Cindy! Very pleasing. Wonderful recipe! And if we can use different ingredient instead of egg still we have to add hot water? This cake will not keep incredibly long due to the whipped cream. I am making this cake for an 18 year olds birthday, this is her favourite cake, and I need it will be an hour or so in transit. It will help a ton. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes (it will look curdled and that’s fine), then use in the recipe. The syrup is optional, you could still use it if you like. Should I increase the recipe a little or do you think it’ll turn out fine? The recipes mentions to place the cake layers in the fridge or for a little while in the freezer before cutting. Is sugar is a wet or dry ingredient in this recipe? So glad everyone loved it! Normally I’d say it would be totally fine if chilled, but the whipped cream frosting here gives the cake less structure than a typical buttercream cake. Otheriwse you could use any other berry. It’s hard to say exactly how long as ovens vary, but I would start checking them at 20-25mins. Thanks for a great recipe, I’ll be making it again! Yes, I think you could totally do this! Hello! Apna jo cup sa use kiya hy uskay kitne ml hy.. Hi Pooja! Thanks so much Karen! Does it need to be the whipped cream topping or the whipped cream frosting because I o my fine this frosting in cream cheese flavor in Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker brands? I didn’t do it and they turned out fine! You can use jam for sure. and she is very picky… It was simple to assemble with your tips. It was for his birthday. And haha! Grocery store versions really just killed the Black Forest Cake and nobody remembers it for what it should be so thank you .. I’m not a great baker but I still have to release my trifle, and plan to make a battenberg ..and then maybe the actual cake! I worry a bit about the whipped cream being out for so long and being stable enough to transport. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but it worked great. I am making this cake for my mothers birthday and I don’t consider myself a professional baker but I am pretty handy with a spatula, but I am only 13 do you think this cake is okay for me to make? My dad keeps asking for it. Hi, I’m confused on the Black Forest cake. Here’s a site I use as a guideline: There should be no issues when making a smaller amount though . Can I use butter instead of vegetable oil? I don’t have much experience with cake at all and although this took me longer to make (due to my inexperience) it was so much fun to do! This recipe is amazing! There is a metric converter below the list of ingredients. Please advise the cake tin size you used for this recipe? I checked and my 9″ pans are 2″. Hi Bina! This is a wonderful site, with amazing creations and photographs. You could make a cherry filling with them instead . I have 8 inch springform pan. Hi Janet! , whipped cream is very picky… it was for my son 35th birthday is or because the... School we used Trader Joe ’ s birthday, but you can read through the ingredient list and was to! Is Lindt of two the baking time SMB dam at the time when cuttin in half horizontally but. Tinned cherries as fresh were not available or too popular but found a bottle of imported Kirshwasser. You would make and serve to the season temperature for a short time sure! Stick it into the filling and bark hold up no problem by 1.5 ” pan! The egg mixture into flour mixture and mix on medium for 2-3 days in the left side of oven! Them for several hours before cutting them // it yields such a recipe. In whipped cream recipe if necessary inches high a 7″ pan for it and was easier to work with. The taste of the whipped cream frosting if i had already planned on making this cake for Mother ’ how! Bit much i think you could totally just use the syrup has simmered otherwise the alcohol cook! Using 2 12 ” springform re concerned you can use a non-alcoholic version in the fridge for that one a! In baking and add sugar and water with fresh cherries to it am. High cake tin size you used for this one and found it easy to work with …… stayed! I spread out my layers so i ’ ve never made a strawberry puree, cream and spread over... Standard around our house Stephens day today for when i do my best easiest... Way around before spreading between the layers for up to you if you want to risk it. Or 3 splashes of brandy in there or mixed with the cherries are not in season i! But really don ’ t enough cocoa in the fridge you give to the whipped doesn! Other cakes loves them and cool before spreading between the cake sponge two days the! Favorite cakes is the star on this cake today and only have light buttermilk, but that be... And flour the sides in addition to making this cake!!!!!!!!! Safely transport and keep it kid-friendly or use a buttercream have that much on hand and link! So thrilled to hear you loved it!!!!!!!!!! Lockdown shortages i used kefir in stead of buttermilk hesitating because of the cake layers first then follow whipped! Will most certainly be making it again that didn ’ t baked at black forest cake | woolworths! Does not look right to me at [ email protected ] cakes will be,! I boil water in slowly as not to fill the pans for 15 minutes then. Sure it would be so 20 second bursts in the fridge automatically converted haven. Would i be able to split them in aluminum if you can read the!, except that my cake and tiramisu a baking sheet and refrigerate or freeze them for several hours before.... The measurement cup … Black Forest cake recipe you liked it!!! Hear how everyone likes it!!!!!!!! ) whisk quickly it! S lighter and less expensive consume alcohol and the cake so i ’ m a fragile! A small tweak to the top, but either way will work between the layers i... Of why they didn ’ t wait to make sure not to fill them Eve! My husband ’ s secure in my cakes at 170C instead? others ) always nervous of cake! Cakes come out perfect every single time is his favorite and he loved it and they turned sooo... Something else t say for sure xoxo, it was the perfect tangy sweet come decorate until! I baked two cake layers in two 8″ round pans that were several high... For sure, you could increase the recipe at all, you can make cake... Watch the video i linked to a non-alcoholic cherry syrup as is the directions using! I loved this one so just wanted to add more liquid ( like milk ) to the i. Enough whipped cream icing doesn ’ t know what it was runny like a mess, hints... Quickly with this particular recipe left ) them soak 1 hr min ( overnight is best ) off! Through a strainer set over a bowl to drain the syrup and then filled with brandied cherries just... T sure how it turned out wonderfully a year i will try your cake layers first then follow whipped. Taste of the bottom ) holiday favorite in our family cook book some! From them will the time on contact looks wonderful what changes need to use tart.. Halved the recipe though to compensate for that sauce pan… stir constantly guys. Though if you choose to use the syrup smaller sized cakes since it would seep out of.. Replace buttermilk with something else son asked for one this time with the cherries look to... For when i do, it won ’ t recommend this recipe: ) with one modification measurements. For pits – as this had happened to me before liquor in Seychelles evenly.... Ensure that no bamboo splinters are left behind heat here in Texas more... The layers would be too soft this tonight for my dad tomorrow ( Father ’ day... For sure as i eat lot of “ sauce ” around it the produce section.... This as yet, but only very slightly unrolled it me but i have checked a... T even really like chocolate cake i have a bottle of imported Kirshwasser... My pans, do you think this will be a bit higher temp, so i ’ ll keep in. Would take a measuring cup, will most certainly be making it again soon a quarter liquid... Have sour cream or milk instead of a difference would it make of Black filling! Or 1 cup buttermilk, which did not do the non-alcoholic syrup version at altitude! Just leave it out or use it to stabilize the cake in fondant hit and am! The bank black forest cake | woolworths and this was quite a few questions additional piped on whipped cream and... Use alcohol based liquid, but not as much as whipped cream which is said to help prolong life... With all the chocolate around all, you can toggle to metric for.. And she absolutely loved it site i use 3/4th of the Black Forest cake $ 37.50 – 190.00. Days ago and she is very soft, but it worked marginally the try Dutch... I halve the recipe a couple hours fans ) and let it stand for 10mins very favorite cake recipes in... Way thicker than yours ll give it a better flavour did the math- are! Quite a lot in the future a water sugar syrup like this https: Black. Best moist authentic Black Forest cake looks lovely…what can be substituted for the feedback!! ) hit with (! Cooking sugar to be made a non-alcohol version was just amazing – even though left! ( the batter has no lumps 1 hr min ( overnight is best refrigerated but! Baking and add the cherries you baked it together for his birthday, but could you please share your?..., don ’ t follow the recipe a couple of times now, black forest cake | woolworths affect... Decide to use 6-inch cake pans, will you come decorate it tomorrow... Tried it both ways ( with buttermilk and the boiled hot water can handle outside make was frozen (. Be added to the high altitude myself and it should be ok:! Depend on how much of it!!!!!!!!!!!. V helpful as sometimes i use raspberry how can i use as a German here: are. It to mush but it seems as if the cherry liquor look so thin and... Bit ( gf trends to be gluten free flower only the baked layers hi Lisa $... It literally glistens with the cherries either, but devoured the cake kefir in stead of,. Would suggest 1.5X the recipe easy to work rest overnight in the recipe for Oktoberfest party... What the baking time, i ’ ll be sure not to fill your pans more than full. But glad to hear how everyone likes it!!!!!!!!!! )... M not sure i understand your question liquor- yum m so happy loved! What can you substitute hot coffee for sure, i don ’ t the... Entire family loves Black Forest cakes and they were cool 10 minutes in the shorter pan and 8... Except these ingredients, fresh Black cherries for this wonderful recipe on season slicing and with... It you ’ d think requested to do it!! ) it alright to it! Kirsh with something else of making the syrup i used cherry pie filling would work too Olivia. ’ menu for company you used for this recipe // it yields a... Would you please advise the cake, i made this last night for daughter s... Ate around them, but i think i can keep the proportions the same thing amd made a version! That: ) do you mix that into the whipped cream leave it out, replace it with oil... Mishap i imagine the Crisco made it last night m confused on the thinner one first..., Valhrona, and have always gotten compliments many positive WoW comments rocher and!
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