The Georgia Secession Convention of 1861 represents the pinnacle of the state's political sovereignty. It was a major victory for Southern states who were strong supporters of states' rights. The story of Georgia's Secession from the United States, 1861 About North Georgia Throughout the 1850's a division in the country between North and South widened(see Causes of the Civil War ). South Carolina repel the Star of the West, a supply ship trying to resupply federal forces at Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor. Asked in US Civil War. The secession of southern states hastened the outbreak of the Civil War (1861-65). Georgia Secedes From Union January 19, 1861 - Milledgeville, statewide Georgia’s decision in 1861 to leave the United States had far-reaching and unintended consequences for all Georgians… Its example was swiftly followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas, which together created a new nation. For all that, South Carolina had no intention of remaining a separate country. Georgia wanted to secede from the Union because they believed Abraham's Lincolns election, and republican party's were strongly and aggressively anti-slavery. AskLogin. Four additional states were Border Slave States that did not secede from the Union: Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland, and Delaware. December 1860 On December 20, South Carolina secedes from the Union . In February 1861 a congress in Montgomery, Alabama adopted a constitution for the new Confederate States of America. This is interesting because if Georgia had stayed in the Union it might have motivated other states not to secede but this also goes back to the question of slavery. Georgia's decision to secede from the Union showed other Southern states that it was possible to break away from the so called United States. This map shows the states that seceded from the Union before the fall of Fort Sumter, those that seceded afterwards, the slave states that did not secede, and the Union states. Why did GA secede from the union? Just as Springfield, Illinois celebrated the election of its favorite son to the Presidency on November 7, so did Charleston, South Carolina, which did not cast a single vote for him. Georgia officially adopted an Ordinance of Secession, by a vote of 208-89, becoming the fifth state to secede from the Union. Georgia wanted to secede from the Union because they believedAbraham's Lincolns election, and republican party's were stronglyand aggressively anti-slavery. They argued that since their state agreed to join the Union they also had the right to back out. 1 2 3. secession from the Union followed nearly two decades of increasingly intense sectional conflict over the status of slavery in western territories and over the future of slavery in the United States.

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