I remember her pouring warm cups of water gently rinsing the soap out of my hair. In fact, some people have a hard time remembering things. “If only I weren’t so forgetful”, they complain. Before answering, it's helpful to know a bit about the process of memory formation and the factors that influence it. You can lose years worth of Spanish lessons, but can still recite the opening scene of Goodfellas. You may have a good memory, but that may not be the case with everyone you know. WHY THIS MATTERS (both you and your spouse/friend should read this section): If the answer is (a): The good news is that dementia is rare at this age. Human memory and recall is vastly more complicated and quirky than the memory residing in our laptops, tablets or phones. What is happening? This is why when you remember one thing you quickly remember all of the other things that are related to it. Before answering, it's helpful to know a bit about the process of memory formation and the … In truth, nostalgia is not always going to bring you the warm and fuzzies, so it's normal to feel sad or bummed out when you think back on certain memories. It is normal to have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and not remember your trauma, and here’s why it can be a good thing: This is not sad, and it certainly isn’t uncommon, but it is weird to realize the extent of what I don’t remember. That’s partly because the analogies we have to hand—like that of computer memory—are not helpful. Memories are stored in the brain based on associations. For some people, it is difficult to remember things they have done yesterday, but others find it more difficult to remember event from their childhood. I remember my mother washing my hair in the bathroom sink. It begs the question, "Do we remember the bad times better than the good?" I've written about why we can't remember, and the science behind memory loss and trauma. Human memory is as fascinating as it is fallible. I would lay on top of the vanity and she would cradle my head in the sink. If you have memory … I don’t know why that memory comes to mind so often, but it is one remembered with much tenderness.

It’s not uncommon to hear people wishing that they had a better memory. This is also why you might remember a certain thing when you smell a certain perfume or hear a certain song. Despite this, memory and recall is generally poorly understood, which is why many people say they have ‘bad memories’. So based on that concept good memories must always make us feel good, right? Why Can't I Remember Things?

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