In 2002, India's nuclear regulatory agency issued approval to start construction of a 500-megawatts electric prototype fast breeder reactor, which should be completed this year. A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor that creates more fissile material than it consumes.
With fuel enriched to 15 or 20% in uranium-235 or plutonium, it become no longer necessary to "thermalize "neutrons as in the common pressurized water reactors, for example.The major interest of fast neutrons is that they are able to extract all the fission energy contained in uranium of the earth’s crust. 0.
Also gas cooled breeder reactors are possible, using helium, CO 2, or N 2, again not explosive when exposed to air or water.

Breeder reactors -- and separation of plutonium from the spent fuel of ordinary reactors to provide startup fuel for breeder reactors -- therefore create proliferation problems. Also the normal Uranium is not used in reactors.

In the next decade, construction will begin on six more of these fast breeder reactors, which “breed” U233 and plutonium from thorium and uranium. Posted by u/[deleted] 4 years ago. There are still technical hurdles to developing cost-effective breeder reactors, but breeders can claim a number of advantages that traditional reactors can’t. While electricity systems based on breeder reactors have not been built, it is still possible to use plutonium as a fuel in light water and other power reactors not designed to breed plutonium.

This year marks the 36th anniversary of the termination of the Clinch River Breeder Reactor Project, a federally funded commercial demonstration effort. A by-product of conventional power-station reactors, it is the key ingredient in nuclear weapons. Jimmy Carter essentially pulled the plug in 1977:

However, the real problem with using Plutonium in a nuclear reactor is the delayed neutron fraction of Plutonium.

In any case, about one-fourth to one-third of the energy in an LWR is derived from plutonium created in the course of reactor operation from the uranium-238 in the fuel rods. I was reading into them and I was wondering why we would stop utilizing Breeder Reactors if they are efficient and a renewing resource. Several thorium-fuelled reactor concepts are under consideration. This energy is called nuclear energy. This special type of reactor is designed to extend the nuclear fuel supply for electric power generation. P lutonium is the nuclear nightmare. Be sure to explain what advantages they might have over other kinds of reactors. Thorium is much more abundant in nature than uranium. Whereas a conventional nuclear reactor can use only the readily fissionable but more scarce isotope uranium-235 for fuel, a breeder reactor employs either uranium-238 or … The ideal approach to take with thorium breeder reactors, which can also enable these reactors to use U-238 as breeder fuel, too, is to design these commercial breeder reactors to use continuous thermonuclear triggers as a primary source of neutrons. The greatest is that, after an initial loading of enriched uranium or plutonium , a breeder reactor can thereafter be powered just by periodic loadings of unenriched (natural) uranium or (in another type of breeder reactor) thorium . ELI5: Why don't we use Breeder Reactors. When this thorium fuel cycle is used, much less plutonium and other transuranic elements are produced, compared with uranium fuel cycles.

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