Most people observe optical interferences on a daily basis, but don’t quite know how this phenomenon actually occurs.

The distance between the neighboring light or dark interference fringes Δτ ≈ λ/α, where a is the angle S 1 MS 2 at which the interfering rays converge.

Interference of Light Waves is defined as the modification in the distribution of light energy when two or more waves superimpose each other. light: Interference A defining characteristic of all waves is superposition, which describes the behaviour of overlapping waves. Venkatesh Vaidyanathan 1 Feb 2019 (Updated: 14 Nov 2019) One of the fundamental properties of light is its ability to interfere with itself. What Is Interference Of Light? For Interference the waves emitted by sources should be with zero phase difference or no phase difference. When two light waves from different coherent sources meet together, then the distribution of energy due to one wave is disturbed by the other. These sources should emit continuous waves of same wave length and same time period. Interference of light is observed on screen CD. As laser light is diffracted through the two barrier slits, each diffracted wave meets the other in a series of steps, as illustrated in Figure 4 (and graphically in the interactive Java tutorial described above). The superposition principle states that when two or more waves overlap in space, the resultant disturbance is equal to the algebraic sum of the individual disturbances. Interference. In these experiments interference of light is observed only upon addition of waves emitted by the same point of the source.

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