TCS Member. That I'm. He is a little shocked to learn that she has kids, but he still keeps his promise of his "Magic Carpet". (Aristocats, "Tomas O'Malley - 1970) He takes a big interest in Duchess, and offers her a "Magic Carpet". an alley cat. Not a breed nor a mix. Showin' off my eclat, yeah. A shiftless and tough alley cat who has no ties to anyone. He tricks a mail man, while Duchess and her kittens sit in the back. Everyone is picking up on that feline beat / …

She is a pure-breed and would most likely only be surrounded by other purebreds for the purposes of breeding. Lv 4.

Didn't you listen to his song? Example of: Cool Cat He also voiced Thomas O'Malley in Disney's The Aristocats.

Feel the grass that's green.

Tellin' my friends of the social elite. If your heart and home can accommodate two best friends, Thomas O’Malley and Mochi would make a great pair!

Mate; Tomas O' Malley About Duchess; A fancy cat, she lives in style, while she is a good mother.

Thomas O'Malley . Their names are Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie, the famous kitten everyone loves. I'm king of the highway Prince of the boulevard Duke of the avant garde The world is my backyard So if you're goin' my way That's the road you wanna seek Calcutta to Rome or Home-sweet-home in Paris Magnifique, you all I only got myself 1 decade ago. Seal lynx point domestic. jazzmyn_girl. Cat breeds forums. O'Malley's best friends prior to meeting Duchess and her kittens are Scat Cat and his band of jazz loving cats. Thomas even gives a him a nickname, "Tiger".

he is probably a tabby mix. O'Malley's past will be explored later, but for now this scene is important because it is a catalyst to where O'Malley starts to get those fatherly instincts.

Thomas O'Malley is the main protagonist of the 1970 Disney animated film, The Aristocats.

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Points and blue eyes do not make a cat a Siamese. 7 Answers. Thomas O'Malley : Tell me!

Gotta walk the scene. Marie is given merchandise from around Disney World and Disneyland too.

Thomas O'Malley is an adoptable Cat - Domestic Short Hair & Tabby Mix searching for a forever family near Liberty, NC. Thomas Cat is a fictional character and one of the two titular main protagonists (the other being Jerry Mouse) in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical animated short films. Or some cute cat I happen to meet. Thomas sees a lot of himself in Toulouse.

He comes upon the Duchess and her kittens while they're lost in the countryside.

He is the main protagonist in Disney's 1970 feature film the Aristocats. Gotta strut them city streets.

Use Petfinder to find adoptable pets in your area. Gender: Female. Abraham DeLacy. A kid ready to take on the world acting tougher than he looks.

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