Its a warm weather sleeping bag rated for 40-60 degrees.

It’s important to note, however, that there are plenty of one-person and two-person cots.

Side sleepers curled into the fetal position may feel restricted and squeezed inside a tapered mummy sleeping bag, and greatly enjoy the luxury of rolling from side to side beneath a quilt. As a result, a quilt can be up to 30 percent lighter than a sleeping bag but just as warm. Never buy a sleeping bag with a Gore Tex exterior for all the reasons listed. Adding a quilt to your sleep-system quiver expands your options for camping year-round. Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 60" of usable fabric width. Lay sleeping bag zipper side down in your hammock.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation MSRP: $280+ Weight: 19.18 ounces Temperature Rating Options: 40, 30, 20, or 10 degrees Style: Quilt.

Although a quilt should certainly save several ounces over a traditional bag of the same rating – and be less bulky too – companies such as ZPacks are proving that a sleeping bag can be just as light. Quilts usually open out flat. The Revelation is one of the top quilt models for backpackers, from one of … Since sleeping bags can surround your entire body, they can seal the warmth in and prevent the draft from entering. How It Works The best part about the Revelation, and quilts in general, is its versatility. Moreover it takes longer for the down to dry. It is almost similar to a blanket that has ties or cords which you can use to cinch the bottom portion closed or attach to a mattress. When you’re sleeping out under the stars, staying warm and dry is critical for a good night’s rest. I think it just depends on what temperatures you're comfortable sleeping in and how cold you get. The dimensions of the sleeping bag are, 66" x 75" x 2" (fully open). So what’s our take on the quilt vs sleeping bag debate?

Tuck your feet into "footbox" and then tuck the sleeping bag sides around you. It’s really a case by case conundrum based on personal sleeping habits, cold sensitive areas, and ultimately your own comfort. In the summer, you can use the quilt on its own for a lightweight piece of insulation.

From the 1980s through to 2003, I exclusively used sleeping bags. When many people think about a sleeping cot, they may be reminded of them being used by militaries or in emergency shelters. Sleeping Bag: I was able to find a very cheap sleeping bag at my local Walmart for $9.00. Bought a sleeping bag that's a tad too small being a side sleeper, any reason I cant just unzip it down to the foot box and use it as a quilt? From 2003 to 2011, I tried a couple of different types of quilts, but being a side sleeper who occasionally tosses and turns, I was never entirely satisfied with the attachment systems. When the days get shorter and the nights get colder, combine your quilt with a sleeping bag for a warmer night outside.

For my money though the US Army poncho liner I bought as an ROTC cadet has been one of the best pieces of outdoor gear I've ever had and it is my go to once again for spring/summer/early fall sleeping gear. For my money though the US Army poncho liner I bought as an ROTC cadet has been one of the best pieces of outdoor gear I've ever had and it is my go to once again for spring/summer/early fall sleeping gear. In a sleeping bag the fabric is 1-2 inches away and the water simply condenses on the inside face of the fabric where the down is.
If you are using a sleeping bag and have a tendency to toss and turn in your sleep, you may flip over during the evening and end up face down in the hood*; this is not an issue if you are using a quilt. And most sleeping bags are very hard to dry during the cold season. Sleeping Bags Vs Sleeping Quilts. I unzipped the sleeping bag and gave it a 1/4 turn before sleeping with it, keeping my feet in the footbox. Details. See how that works for you. A cot, otherwise known as a camping bed, is a type of collapsible bed. That doesn't have to be a sleeping bag, or even a quilt.

If you need a quick and easy option to keep the bottom of your hammock warm on cool nights, the DIY camping hammock underquilt may be just the DIY / MYOG project for you. Sleeping bags versus backpacking quilts: your sleep preferences and habits Just a few things to think about here.

An all-in-one sleeping bag and pillow made with plush fabric make the perfect place to cuddle up and read a book (or drift off).

If pack weight and bulk are your primary reason for looking at an underquilt, though, ENO's offerings are probably the worst possible things you could be looking at.

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