February 4, 1995--Double Tables in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at ECW Arena: Jason the Terrible & The Pitbulls (#1 & #2) b The Young Dragons & Hack Meyers, Tommy Dreamer b Stevie Richards, Mikey Whipwreck b Paul Lauria, Ian Rotten b Axl Rotten, Chris Benoit b Al Snow, Shane Douglas b Tully Blanchard to retain the ECW World Heavyweight title, Cactus Jack b Sandman in a "Texas Death … Don E. Allen NC Broad Street Bully. Over the course of its existence, ECW staged regular supercards and, beginning in 1997, pay-per-view events. THIS AUCTION IS FOR A ORIGINAL VINTAGE ECW COLOR WRESTLING PHOTO. Hardcore Heaven 1995 1995-07-01, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

That summer, she led Durante to defeat Shane Douglas for the ECW Television Title, but Francine was one shrew that couldn’t be tamed. ECW World Tag Team Title Three Way Elimination: The Eliminators (John Kronus & Perry Saturn) (c) defeat The Pitbulls (Pitbull #1 & Pitbull #2) and Brian Lee & Shane Douglas ECW - Event @ Farmes Market in Downington, Pennsylvania, USA The Gangstas was a professional wrestling tag team and stable, consisting of New Jack and Mustafa Saed in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). The Pitbulls look to capture the ECW Tag Team Titles from Raven & Stevie Richards. The group originally started as a three-man group with D'Lo Brown in Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW), before evolving into a four-man group with Killer Kyle I do not really follow the logic behind that, but the Pitbulls agreed. The Pitbulls wrestled briefly in the World Wrestling Federation, losing to the Brain Busters on June 27, 1989. Both wrestlers had a hard-hitting offense to make them exciting performers.

The Official Pitbulls Fan Page for everything on one of ECW's Tag Teams The Pitbulls: Gary Wolf & Anthony Durante. ECW Champ Mikey Whipwreck pinned Rey Mysterio, Jr. Sandman, Too Cold Scorpio, Raven, Cactus Jack, & Stevie Richards beat Tommy Dreamer, The Pitbulls, & The Public Enemy in a "rumble games" match. Anthony Durante (July 26, 1967 – September 25, 2003) was an American professional wrestler best known under the ring name "Pitbull #2" as one half of the tag team The Pitbulls, with "Pitbull #1" Gary Wolfe.The team is best known for their time in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), where the team was the promotion's World Tag Team Championship once. The Pitbulls - ECW World Tag Team Championship Match: Hardcore TV, August 1, 1995 | WWE ECW icons clash when Cactus Jack faces The Sandman in a Texas Death Match, and Tommy Dreamer battles Steve Richards. Return of the Funker 1995 Terry Funk makes his return to ECW. Dudley Boys def. They also had a loss against The Hart Foundation on the March 4, 1989 edition of WWF Superstars of Wrestling. Originally reviewed here. If you buy stuff from Amazon using this link, we receive a minor promotional bonus -- …

Eight professional wrestling matches were contested at the event. ECW Gangstas Paradise, Philadelphia, PA. Also in action: Sabu, The Tazmaniac, The Pitbulls, Shane Douglas and many more. Eastern Championship Wrestling/Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) is a defunct professional wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that operated from 1992 to 2001. You can support the development of the CAGEMATCH.net website and database backend via Patreon! THE COLLECTION CONSISTS OF OVER 30,000 SLIDES AND PRINTS. Gangsta’s Paradise Philadelphia, Pennsylvania September 16, 1995 This was a dog collar match for Raven and Stevie's ECW Tag Team Championship. THE PHOTO MEASURES 3 1/2 x5 and WILL BE SENT IN A 4x6 TOP LOADER. They were best known for their tenure in Extreme Championship Wrestling, where they were one-time Tag Team Champions. The Pitbulls (sometimes written as The Pit Bulls) were a professional wrestling tag team that consisted of "Pitbull #1" Gary Wolfe and "Pitbull #2" Anthony Durante. Francine Meeks (born Francine Fournier, February 19, 1972) is a retired Professional Wrestling valet/manager from Bear, Delaware best known for her work in the original ECW from 1995-2001 as Francine.

In addition to tag team success, both members were each one time Television Champions as well. If you buy stuff from Amazon using this link, we receive a minor promotional bonus -- … 1.9K likes. This is a request via Ko-fi.

Beulah said Stevie broke his arm so it should be a 2/3 Falls to make it even. WE RECENTLY ACQUIRED THE SLIDE and PRINT COLLECTION OF FAMED WRESTLING PHOTOGRAPHER GEORGE TAHINOS. Raven… Cactus Jack competes in the main event. Return to top of page November to Remember 1995 November 18, 1995 in Philadelphia, PA ECW Arena drawing 1,150. The Pitbulls Dino Sendoff and Don E. Allen wrestled to a … Though the victim of verbal barbs from Douglas for months, Francine turned her back on The Pitbulls at Heatwave 1996 to side with The Franchise himself.

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