It is unique among TGV trains in that it features bi-level carriages.

TGV 2N2. Work started on the first dual …

The two downsides are that you're no longer buying an 'off the shelf' system.

The TGV Duplex is a French high-speed train of the TGV family, manufactured by Alstom, and operated by the French national railway company SNCF.It is unique among TGV trains in that it features bi-level carriages.. 2 TGV Duplex Montpellier.JPG 2,560 × 1,920; 1.21 MB 214162587 0f0f0eb419 o Paris TGV gare de Lyon.jpg 1,024 × 768; 190 KB 454 RAMES TGV (5661683042).jpg 3,648 × …

Feautures:-pbr textures-interior-custom LOD's-passangers-lights-can be colored-custom soundset-reversable-custom camera positions-dds textures Info about the Train: available: 1990 Passangers: 223 top-speed: 320 km/h Power 8800 kw … Family: TGV: Series: TGV Duplex: Build: Alstom 2011 : Top speed: 320 km/h: Capacity: 509 seats: Formation: 10 cars (2M8T) Gauge: 1435 mm: Train length: 200.2 m: Width: 2.81 m: Weight: 383 t: Electric systems: 15 kV AC 16.7 Hz (6800 kW) 25 kV AC 50 Hz (9280 kW) … In the US the loading gauge as it's known is more generous, up to 16 feet and Russia has the highest at 19 feet, although it doesn't necessarily mean that all passenger trains are that high.
Le TGV Strasbourg/Marseille passe le raccordement Est de la LGV RR vers Besançon. At the end of the Train Capitale exposition in Paris, MBD Design and Christian Lacroix were announced as the winning design.

Underground (subway or metro or tube) trains tend to have lower height restrictions as on the deeper underground … trailer - TGV-A . TGV Duplex 815. These permit an external width of 3 000 mm, with an internal width of 2 750 mm. The TGV Duplex is a French high-speed train of the TGV family, manufactured by Alstom, and operated by the French national railway company SNCF. TGVの編成では唯一、客車に2階建車両(ダブルデッカー)を採用している。 SNCFでのダブルデッカー車はRERやトランジリアンなどの都市近郊電車や地域列車において座席定員を増やす目的で多数導入されていたが、優等列車用としてはこのDuplex編成が初の採用例である。

TGV Duplex Here's my trainspotting shot of the day :-) I luv this train, it's a pure engineering marvel.

In parallel with the development of high-speed lines internationally, Alstom SA won a tender … Antolin which teamed up with Kenzo. A guide to travel on TGV, French Railways high-speed train, the Train a Grande Vitesse', with photos & video of TGV first class, TGV second class, single-deck TGVs & TGV Duplex. One 'crazy' idea would be for HSR to procure TGV Duplex and order them modified with entrances on lower floor. TGV 2N2 - emu build by Alstom. geometric measurements: width: 2.900 mm ( 114.2 in) wheelbase: 18.700 mm ( 736.2 in) more detailed view with the first trailer / back to the table of contents / TGV-2N - France train - TGV 'Trains à Grande Vitesse' - Duplex "Thalys" europe classification: Bo'Bo'+2'+...+2'+Bo'Bo' administration: Société Nationale des Chemins de fer francais' (SNCF) France ; engine: electrical engine ; train(2 loc. EMU. More interior space is achieved by abandoning the side vents below the windows for the air-conditioning, with the vents relocated to the floor and ceiling. Riding on the success of the concept TGV Duplex and praised by customers, the company decided to develop a fleet of interoperable trains, especially suitable for 15 kV 16 ⅔ Hz (only 8 trains TGV Sud-Est could operate at this current and 19 trains are then TGV POS), the train is a tricurrent version of TGV Duplex.. Also, TGV Duplex is typically rated for 320km/h (200mph), so HSR would not be able to deliver the promised run times.

The TGV Duplex is the fastest doubledecker Speedtrain in the World with Speeds up to 320 km/h it can transport alot of people over large distances very fast.

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