The parents will often attempt to drive off an intruder, but even they can recognize when this is a hopeless task, and the odds favor letting the predator have its way. Possums, also known as opossums, are small animals found mainly in the eastern US states. Ideally, use hardware cloth with a fine mesh that raccoons can't reach through (use 1/2" or 1/4"). Our next biggest threat is the fox. It does not mean they have rabies, it just means they figure they have business being out and about during daylight hours. This is not true. Our Egg Stand Customers say our eggs are the best- even compared to those farms who just free range. It's a common way to get a cheap meal. whilst it steps on the foot pad, it is going to likely be … Raccoons are highly intelligent, and sound like you've allowed them a safe and warm nesting place in your barn.

Signs of raccoon attack: feathers and footprints, obvious struggle, multiple brutally killed chickens, missing neck/chest regions, carcass present. The raccoon does go actsr low hanging fruit first. Keeps Snacks Away. I've not personally known raccoons to attack chickens, only steal the eggs. Raccoons are the biggest threat to my chickens where I live, on the east coast. A raccoon’s clever nature and manual dexterity make them as much a threat to a coop as larger, stronger predators, and the fact that they carry diseases like rabies makes them as dangerous to humans as they are to chickens. You won't regret using Coopodoit! Last updated on July 26th, 2019 at 02:29 pm. So my family live on a small farm with free range chicken that went into a small shed (one side barbwire and the other 3 concrete) at night and we had problems with 3 different animals stealing egg. He would pop through a small, very small, uneven spot in our coop and eat the chicken feed and the eggs.

Because the raccoons are so cunning, scientists from the University of California recommend: “The rear of the trap should be covered with 1/2-inch wire mesh to prevent the raccoon from reaching through the trap from the outside to steal the bait.” At first a raccoon will certainly try to reach for the bait through the bars. in case you choose to catch it, i choose to recommend making use of an common lever catch. It it did lift the nest box and a buddy pulled eggs out, they wouldn't spook the chickens …

It is one of numerous predators that can attack your backyard chickens.. And yes, opossums will eat chickens..

Your maximum suitable wager could be a raccoon. Because skunks are nocturnal, they can be hard to catch in the act of raiding the chicken coop. Latches are often not a problem for them to open, thereby accessing your chickens. Another one that will sometimes roll eggs back to whatever hell-hole it came from is the stoat, and I wouldn't be surprised if its bigger cousins like weasles are keen too. Of all the natural predators that chickens have to deal with in the wild, there are few that are as determined as the raccoon. (Chicken wire should only be used to keep chickens in, not to keep predators out.) One of our native birds, the weka, is a great egg-lover and seems to be able to carry eggs off.

It brings joy when we see the chickens out happily roaming the fields. We never knew about the spot because it was so small. Start today and have your own fresh eggs next week. The chickens would hop up into the trees at dusk and work their way up high into the trees, she never lost a chicken to a raccoon!

She didn't have raccoon problems until she began putting the hens in a coop (tired of going on easter egg hunts every day) and they broke into the coop. According to the Internet Center for Wildlife Control website, "unlike raccoons, skunks do not climb fencing; instead they prefer to dig under barriers to get to chicken eggs and chicks." Even during daylight it could be a skunk, raccoon, or maybe even a possum, though possums are way down my list in daylight. Raccoons on the other hand, have went for a chicken every time and will wait an hour or two after it gets dark to come up to the coop. Natural Fertilizer for Yard. ... We will catch them before they get into chickens. Raccoon Busted Stealing Feed. They make a hole in the side or end of the egg with characteristic chip marks, then lick out the contents. I know it seems like a raccoon, and it might be, but we had similar problems with an opossum. While skunks will kill young chickens and eat eggs, they rarely kill mature chickens.

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