Bulk Tips. These disposable transfer pipettes are non-sterile and made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic. One-time use eliminates the danger of cross-contamination of valuable specimens or laboratory reagents. Uniformly shaped. Racked Tips.

Disposable Transfer Pipettes Capacity 7.5ml Graduated To 3ml Pack of 500 SKU - 1192304 30-0138 £13.04 The commonly recognized form is a glass tube tapered to a narrow point (a pipette… It goes directly to the landfill without any treatment. Users experienced with using glass Pasteur pipettes know that the drop size of a pipette is proportional to the external circumference of the tip.

Serological Pipettes. The widest range of sizes, lengths and tip designs, with one piece polyethylene construction, and the ability to customise.

300PCS 3ML Plastic Transfer Pipettes,Disposable Graduated Transfer Pipettes Dropper for Essential Oil Mixture, Scientific Experiment, Make up Tool. The bulb portion is thinner and therefore "squeezable", while the pipette portion is thick enough to be rigid.
This waste stream must be boxed to protect custodial staff. Spotlight Product: CELLTREAT Pasteur Plastic Pasteur Pipets Tips. Pasteur Pipettes A Pasteur pipette, or Pasteur pipet, is a glass or plastic instrument used in laboratories or classrooms to transfer small quantities of liquids. The integrated pipetting bulb depresses easily, minimizing fatigue from frequent pipetting. Pastette Features and Quality Trusted for many years, by thousands of scientists. Von Laborgeräten über Laboreinrichtungen bis hin zu Chemikalien finden Sie in den nächsten 14 Kategorien sicher Ihren persönlichen Laborbedarf. Hazardous Glass and Plastic: Items that can puncture, cut or scratch if disposed of in normal trash containers. Sterile or non sterile. Wall thickness 0.55-0.8 mm. Pasteur Pipettes are essentially glass or plastic tubes that are tapered to a narrow opening point at the lower end and fitted with a plastic or rubber bulb at the upper end. Move Items to Quote. The Scienceware Poxygrid Pasteur pipet rack is designed specifically for the safe, convenient storage of these disposables which are used with high frequency. Autoclavable. These pipets … We specialize in pipette controllers, laboratory pipettes (pipete or pipett), single channel pipettes, starter kits, tips, lab pipettes, packs, sets & more. They are used in the laboratory and also to dispense small amounts of liquid medicines.

Proper disposal will depend upon the usage of these items and local regulations. Eppendorf Dualfilter Tips. Low Retention Tips. Racked Sterile Tips. Pasteur pipettes, PE-LD: PE-LD/PE-HD, disposable. Disposable glass Pasteur Pipets are available in convenient bulk packages. Pasteur pipettes can be filled and deep-frozen, or changed into a closed vessel by heat-sealing the tip. My Cart. These mini pipettes measure 9” and fit most serological pipettors. Plastic pipette … Popular Searches .
eppendorf (335) pipette (362) epp (335) pipettes (47) Recent Searches . A very common use was to dispense eye drops into the eye. Ideal for aliquots.

Amazon's Choice for disposable pipettes. Sits flat on the benchtop for convenient access without droppingother pipets. Throughout the development of the Alpha Laboratories Pastette range, quality has remained a priority. An eye dropper, also known as a Pasteur pipette, or dropper, is a device used to transfer small quantities of liquids. Advanced Search . Argos brand mini disposable pipettes were developed for tissue culture applications or for use in confined spaces such as laminar hoods. Resistant to gas or gamma radiation sterilization.

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