Spinone Italiano, regarded as an ancient gun dog, is a sturdy breed with strong bones, square built and a robust nature. In other words, you must teach your Spinone Italiano to respect you. The Spinone Italiano is impressively handsome and resembles an old grandfather with wisdom. The Spinone Italiano makes a great family companion who will love to go on long walks and jogging with you. The pronunciation is Spee-no-nay, and the plural is Spinoni Italiani or Spinoni (Spee-no-nee). Find out about training, behavior, and care of Spinone Italiano dogs and puppies.
The Spinone Italiano is a rare breed hailing from Italy. These are excellent hunters, retrievers and pointers with wiry, dense coats.

They were originally bred for hunting as they were quite intelligent and possess a lot of stamina to work all day long.
Sporting a long head and either dark brown or amber eyes, depending on the colour of his coat. You must show your Italian Spinone, through absolute consistency and great patience, that you mean what you say. A dog who respects you will do what you say and will stop what he's doing when you tell him "No." Other Names Italian Wire-haired Pointing Dog Italian Wire-haired Pointer Italian Coarsehaired Pointer Italian Pointer Spinone Italian Spinone Italian Griffon The Spinone Italiano is one of the earliest breeds developed as a pointing dog, with evidence of wirehaired pointing dogs dating as far back as 500 b.c. The origins of that name are thought to be because of either his rough, bristle-haired coat, or because he is at home in the very dense and often prickly undergrowth common in Italy. Dogs resembling the Spinone Italiano can be found in artwork of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italy. Any puppies .... Cwmdunant Tracey Cannon Llandovery Carmarthenshire Current Health Tests. Italian Spinoni, the plural version of the name; Spinone; or Italian Coarsehaired Pointer) is a large, rugged dog known as Italy’s all-purpose hunting dog. Other names: Spinone; Italian Spinone; Italian Griffon; Italian Wire-Haired Pointer; Italian Coarsehaired Pointer; Italian Spinoni; View all 6... Overview.

Ciccio (CHEE –Chee-oh), Cirillo, Ciro, Cissy, Cita, Cleo, Cleopatra, Cloe, Coca, Cocco, Cora, Corallo, Cordelia, Corinna, Corinne, Corrado, Cowboy, Cristoforo, Cucciolo (Italian for puppy), Cuccu (cuckoo!)

Spinone Italiano are also called Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon, and Italian Wirehaired Pointer, or Spinone. Italian Dog Names From The Roman Empire to the Renaissance to modern times, Italy is a beautiful country with gorgeous art, amazing architecture, enchanting cuisine and magnificent wine. Other Names. We’re not talking an Italian dessert here. The Italian Spinone is a powerful and well-muscled pointing dog with a scruffy, dense coat. Spinone Italiano are also called Italian Spinone, Italian Griffon, and Italian Wirehaired Pointer, or Spinone. Italian Spinone grooming is not a very time-consuming task, since these dogs' medium-length, wiry coats are single-layered and don't shed much (though they do tend to tangle or mat some). The Spinone Italiano is an Italian setter cross, bred perhaps to White Mastiffs or French Griffons.

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