Again, elephants with tusks were killed, and by the end of the war, half the females were tuskless. During a 15-year civil war, soldiers poached elephants for their meat to feed the troops and for their ivory to sell to buy more weapons. Most of the elephants were killed during the civil conflict in Mozambique. The elephants of Gorongosa National Park are a truly incredible group of survivors.

This article is more than 5 years old.

Poachers killed half Mozambique's elephants in five years. Elephants have EVOLVED to not grow tusks in Mozambique national park where nearly 90% were slaughtered for ivory to fund 16-year civil war. A similar thing happened in Mozambique. In Africa, peace doesn’t come easy, for man or beast. With the civil war that devastated Mozambique finally over, there’s a surprising new army afoot: elephants. Elephants with a rare “tuskless” genetic trait had a better chance of surviving Mozambique’s long civil war, financed in part by poached ivory.

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