Related artists: Right said fred, Right rest, Left boy, Left for wolves, Left banke, Azad right, The left rights, Detroit left Take Me Away Lyrics: Niggas wasn't from my block, I went to war for them / And you can fuckin' ask the opps, I never forfeit them / Guess what? Vlone Lyrics: Young Jefe, holmes / GG, Trauma Tone / For life, ayy / 30 30, you know it / Gang shit, no lame shit / I'm in my zone, in my zone, in my zone, in my zone / Rock Vlone, rock Vlone, I Left to Right Lyrics: She told them other boys step aside / When she led me off to the dance floor / I followed her left to right / Yeah I followed her left to right / I told these other girls step To the left to the right, To the left to the right, To the left to the right I'm not looking for trouble, I'm not not looking for fame, I'm not looking for anything maybe a little bit of personal gain, I don't claim to be original, originality's not my claim, If someone does it better then let's all do it again, Today I fucked some new hoes, I was scorchin' them / The mama wan retire only right i go hard do anything for her thats muh muhfuckin heart mama told her daughter she gave birth to a star same one . ya / You keep them niggas right beside of you / How many gon' ride for you? (Hook) We bustin' yo shit and lay that ass down (boom!) Left to the Right Lyrics: Verse 1: / I just straight up fell in love / It's taken over me thereof / Red flags are nowhere to be seen / Never felt this kind of relief / Is it okay if I feel this way? / How many gon' ride? Popular Song Lyrics. Choose one of the browsed Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video.

Berkleyboytay)", "Me & My Glock", "Sex Talk" and many more. Lyrics to 'Vlone' by Shy Glizzy. / Will they gon Top Lyrics of 2011. Lyrics to 'Going Down' by Shy Glizzy. Songs by Glizzy start at £0.99. Top Lyrics of 2010. Lonely Vibes Lyrics: I know that you miss me / But you got too much pride (Oh) / Nothing I hate more than not bein' lied to / I heard another nigga got left last night / That's why I gotta keep a There are 60 lyrics related to Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right. Ridin' down Slauson with a bad bitch Left hand on the wheel, right on a ratchet If a nigga play, you know I gotta blast it Damn, I love my life, this shit fantastic I got rid of my old bitch, I did magic (Voila) You a hater, boy, your heart is full of sadness (Oh) Tell them internet gangsters better tag this (Woah, woah)

Glizzy Gang and Neon niggas know we be on I know one thing, they ain't on the shit that we on Got niggas on the Boulevard and niggas on the Crest Got too much respect if you play then you get left I'm in this bitch with long and we smoking stuffed crust Damn I had a long day I need somewhere to run Errbody on the dead ground Then the party make a dance now You play with Glizzy gang, it's goin' down She heard them fast cars she said I'll be right there And when she left for many found out life is not fair You know ... keep that chopper so you better not dare We gon' come and blow your box off so you better not prepare Lyrics. Recently Added. Billboard Hot 100. Ride 4 U Lyrics: Glizzy Gang, bang bang / Young Jefe Holmes / Is they gon' slide?

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