Lady Arbella in her later years. Dochter van Charles Lennox Rijksmuseum SK-A-4344.jpeg 1,944 × 2,694; 3.82 MB. November 14, 2014 By Susan Abernethy in 17th Century, Early Modern History, Tudor History, Women's History Tags: Arbella Stuart, Bess of Hardwick, Charles Stuart, Countess of Lennox, Earl of Essex, Earl of Hertford, Earl of Leicester, Edward Seymour, Elizabeth Cavendish, Gunpowder Plot, Hardwick Hall, Henry Cavendish, Henry Stuart, King James I of England, King … Lady Arabella Stuart.jpg 510 × 682; 127 KB. She is Arbella Stuart, grand-daughter of the Countess of Shrewsbury, better known as Bess of Hardwick. Lady Arbella Stuart (1575 – 25 September 1615) (or Arabella, or Stewart) was an English noblewoman who was considered a possible successor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Born in England, Arbella Stuart was the only child of Charles Stuart, 1st Earl of […] Lady Arbella Stuart ... Media in category "Arbella Stuart" The following 17 files are in this category, out of 17 total. Arbella Stuart.jpg 379 × 500; 112 KB. Talk:Lady Arbella Stuart ... Lady Arbella was never "Lady Beauchamp" because her husband's elder brother was still alive at the time and did not in fact die until after the death of Lady Arbella in 1618, three years after. The daughter of Elizabeth Cavendish and Charles Stuart, she was one of two primary claimants to succeed Queen Elizabeth, the other being her cousin James, son of Mary of Scotland. During the reign of King James VI and I, she married William Seymour, 2nd Duke … Portrait of Lady Arabella Stuart at the age of 23 months. —Preceding unsigned comment added by 04:30, 3 October 2010 (UTC) An additional chapter of Arbella's life. She was a great granddaughter of Margaret Tudor through her paternal grandmother and therefore a cousin of Queen Elizabeth I of England and King James VI of Scotland. This is a painting of Lady Arbella Stuart (1575–1615), first cousin twice removed of Queen Elizabeth I (1533–1603) and first cousin of King James the VI of Scotland and I of England (1566–1625). by an unknown artist. Arabella Stuart (gest 1615). Lady Arbella Stuart (1575 – 25 September 1615) (or Arabella, or Stewart) was an English noblewoman who was considered a possible successor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Lady Arbella Stuart. Arbella Stuart (1575-1615) The ill starred Arbella Stuart was born in 1575, the only child of Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox and Elizabeth Cavendish the daughter of Sir William Cavendish and the formidable Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury, known as Bess of Hardwick.

Portrait of Lady Arbella Stuart by Robert Peake the Elder Since I’ve been studying Tudor history, I’ve never come across another historical figure with as remarkable a story as Arbella Stuart. Description. Lady Arbella Stuart : biography 1575 – 27 September 1615 Lady Arbella Stuart (or "Arabella" and/or "Stewart") (1575 – 25 September 1615) was a noblewoman who was for some time considered a possible successor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Stuart,Arabella00.jpg 540 × 700; 106 KB. Lady Arbella Stuart. Her impressive ancestry made Arbella a likely candidate to succeed Elizabeth I to the throne.. Lady Arbella Stuart (1575–1615) The Lady Arbella Stuart (1575–1615) was a claimant to the English crown and a well-educated writer whose letters reveal a complex personal and political drama. Lady Arbella Stuart. Biographies: There are several but the most recent are David N. Durant's Arbella Stuart: A Rival to the Queen and Sarah Gristwood's Arbella: England's Lost Queen; Oxford DNB entry under "Stuart [married name Seymour], Lady Arabella." In the Picture Gallery at Hardwick Hall there is a portrait of a pretty two-year old girl, wearing a Marie Stuart cap and clasping a doll. Added 6 May 2006. Portraits: several portraits of Arbella Stuart are at Hardwick Hall; a number of other portraits are said to be Arbella but are probably not. Died: 25 September 1615 (aged 39–40) Tower of London, England. When Charles Stuart, Earl of Lennox, succumbed to the destruction of his lungs in Apr 1576, he was twenty-one years old and eighteen months married.His death started a wrangle, involving the child Arabella, which was to last for some time.. Nottinghamshire or Hackney, England. Born: 1575.

The portrait was painted in 1589, when Arbella was 13-and-a-half-years old.

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