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She is portrayed by starring cast member Stella Maeve. While she may have gotten the revenge she was looking for, or as close to it as she could get, Julia still has unbridled resentment towards all of magic.

William, also known as Penny, is a former Brakebills University student and the Head Librarian for the Library of the Neitherlands. Traveler Physiology: Plum Chatwin is a Traveler, a magical hybrid capable of teleporting throughout the Multiverse.. Teleportation: Chatwin is able to teleport to other worlds throughout the Multiverse.After tattooing the Traveler Spell on her hands, she was able to bring others with her while teleporting. Quentin Coldwater enrolls at Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy to be trained as a magician, where he discovers that the magical world from his favorite childhood books is real and poses a danger to humanity. You can edit it! Magic and Abilities Magic. The Magician King is a new adult fantasy novel by Lev Grossman, published in 2011 by Viking Press, the sequel to The Magicians.It continues the story of Quentin Coldwater, interweaving it with the story of his high school crush, Julia, who learned magic outside of the standard school setting and joined him in … Professor William "Penny" Adiyodi, also known as Penny 23, is one of the survivors on the massacre of Magicians by the Beast in the twenty-third timeline created by Jane Chatwin.Following the attack and the loss of his girlfriend, Penny became a scavenger until the arrival of Julia Wicker and Josh Hoberman from the fortieth timeline allowed him to escape his desolate world.

You can edit it! To be added. Kady Orloff-Diaz is a former student of Brakebills and is the daughter of Hannah, a hedge-witch who was once in league with Marina Andrieski.Kady spent most of her time under the servitude of Marina, as she was sold as payment for Marina fixing one of Hannah's messes, serving as one of the sources for insider higher end magic for Marina's Hedge Witch safe house in New York City. The Magicians is a SYFY tv series based on the book series of the same name by Lev Grossman. Personality. This article needs your help! William "Penny" Adiyodi/Julia Wicker (44) Marina Andrieski/Julia Wicker (35) Margo Hanson/Alice Quinn (34) Quentin Coldwater & Margo Hanson (34) Exclude Additional Tags Angst (150) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (125) Fluff (117) Fix-It (102) Angst with a Happy Ending (82) Biography. She is portrayed by starring cast member Stella Maeve. In one time loop, Dean Fogg tries not allowing Alice into Brakebills. Share Julia Wicker on Twitter Following her horrific encounter with an evil God, Julia was on a revenge-seeking mission to heal her deep wounds. And many flaps of a butterfly's wings later, Margo and Julia, Queens of Fillory, are trying to save their kingdom. Marina Andrieski/Julia Wicker (3) Kady Orloff-Diaz/Julia Wicker (2) Quentin Coldwater & Alice Quinn (2) Marina Andrieski & Julia Wicker (2) 23rd Timeline William "Penny" Adiyodi/Julia Wicker (2) Quentin Coldwater/Alice Quinn (1) Include Additional Tags Goddess Julia Wicker (19) Fix-It (7) Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (5) Angst (3) To be added Julia Ogden Wicker is a character on SyFy's The Magicians. the magicians themagiciansedit quentin coldwater julia wicker margo hanson eliot waugh penny adiyodi Kady orloff-diaz Josh Hoberman queliot qualice qulia penntin etc. Julia Ogden Wicker is a character on SyFy's The Magicians. Eliot Waugh (Hale Appleman) and Julia Wicker (Stella Maeve) are locked in the Dark King, Rupert "Sebastian" Chatwin's (Seam Maguire), dungeon while Margo and Fen are back on Earth. Powers Divine Magician: In the 40th Timeline, Julia started out as a Hedge Witch after failing the entrance exam into Brakebills University. She first appears in the first episode of the first season. Margo Hanson/Julia Wicker; Margo Hanson; Julia Wicker; Fillory (The Magicians) Pre-Canon; Summary. themagiciansedit the magicians julia wicker kady orloff diaz penny adiyodi penny 23 julia x kady x penny x penny 23 julia x kady x penny julia x kady x penny 23 julia x kady dynamic: best bitches julia x penny dynamic: i do care julia x penny 23 dynamic: give it time kady x penny kady x penny 23 penny x penny 23 She first appears in the first episode of the first season.

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