Judgement: Chapter 11... Hetty was in Callen's room telling him that Kensi was awake when one of the nurses came in. She checked Callen's chart and brought him a fresh pitcher of water and then started to leave before turning back to address Hetty.

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This Judgment (Judge Eyes) walkthrough will guide you through all the main choices and investigations of Chapter 11 for 100% completion. Why did you pick Kyorei Clan yakuza as test subjects? Chapter 11 Choices The chapter starts with you interrogating Hamura about the Mole. For Judgment on the PlayStation 4, FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ.

"I'm sorry, I almost forgot," she said warmly, "Mr. Deeks asked me to give you his phone." Select the following choices: Hashiki’s Murder Where’s the Mole right now? Learn chapter 11 judgment decision with free interactive flashcards. Main Story Walkthrough Chapter 11: Curtain Call. With Hamura all cozy shacked up on Kyorei ground, Yagami can finally give him the interrogation he's been wanting to give this whole game.

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