400 units per case (8 boxes of 50).
How Does The Original Straight Pack Fundraiser Work? Jack Link's Beef Jerky Fundraising Kit. Make up to 50% profit. Start a fundraiser with Jack Link's products today. Jack Link's prides itself on providing the highest quality and best tasting products. Beef Jerky Variety Fund Raising Totes, 2-100 count $2.00 This delicious variety of Jack’s beef snacks are a nutritious option for your next sports or school fundraising campaign, all selling for just $2 each!
$1 Jack Links Beef Stick Fundraising Kit. 2. Free Shipping on Orders Over $50* Their Messin’ With Sasquatch ads have gone viral generating millions of views. Each tote contains: 200 - .92 oz Original Beef Sticks. Fundraising ideas for schools, sports teams, and non-profits using Jack Links with Jack Links - 0.5 oz Original Beef Stick with Jack Links - 0.5 oz Original Beef Stick Healthy meats, high in protein, & most profit. Jack Link's has the meat snacks you need to power thru life with Original Protein. Jack Links is a nationally recognized product which makes it an easy sell for your group. $1 Jack Link's beef stick fundraiser. Premium Jack Link's beef jerky sticks make for a perfect snack and an excellent fundraiser! Jack Link's fundraising ideas provides beef jerky and beef sticks as products manufactured specifically for the fundraising industry. Easy fundraising with the biggest brand and best taste in the country.

Shop jerky, sticks, sausages and more – shipped straight to your door. Each box holds 50 $1 Beef Sticks. The Ore-Ida Council has become part of the Mountain West Council How a Jack Link’s fundraiser helps Scouts fuel their adventures February 21, 2019 Bryan Wendell Sponsored 1 Your Scouts trust Jack Link’s to fuel their Scouting adventures.

Your group will have no problem selling this name brand fundraising product. Most of the beef jerky and beef sticks are designed to sell for one dollar, which has been established as the optimum selling point. Jack Link's fundraising beef sticks and jerky sell amazingly well with sports groups. Each case contains 6 carriers of 24 Jack Link's Original Sticks each, for a total of 144 beef sticks per case. Determine how many carriers you feel each of your group members can sell, so you know how many cases to order. 1. Order as little as one case.

The minimum order is only 1 case and shipping is free.

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