"Yo little traitor your plane to go to jail is ready to leave is there anything you want to say before you go?" Read Chapter 20 from the story Traitor by lyzard_fan_fics with 1,692 reads. At some point he met Toshinori Yagi, who told him the secret of One For All, so Nezu suggested looking for a successor at U.A.

Even though there is a lot of evidence pointing towards some students and teachers. Is the traitor someone they least expect or is the answer right under their noses the whole time? During the kidnapping of Bakugo, the principal and two staff members were interviewed by the media about failing to ensure the safety of their students. Alternatively, the traitor could be the principal, Nezu. Rat (informally) is defined as someone who is despicable, specifically someone being deceitful and/or disloyal. Nezu came up with a strategy to get Bakugo back from the villians, and that none of the villians were prepared for it at all. I'm going to be talking about the 'Kaminari is the traitor' theory, and will give all evidence that i know of. Nezu isn't the traitor since the villians plans have failed time and time again. This mistreatment leads to Nezu developing a sadistic side to his otherwise polite personality. Nezu hiring Toshinori as a teacher. archiveofourown.org ... Nezu’s lying face. My Hero Academia has been dealing with a traitor in the school for a while. As of right now, my belief is that it will be Present Mic. I get that Nezu hates humans, but then again he would be teaming up with humans to destroy good humans. Plus, we've been in his POV and he's honestly looking for the actual traitor. He calls Deku, Todoroki, Kirishima, Iida, Momo, and Bakugou to solve the mystery. I see Nezu walking towards me, along with All Might, both looking somewhat angry, "Nezu haven't you heard what happened over the weekend?!" Even though there is a lot of evidence pointing towards some students and teachers. He likes to have a free spirit and hates being being tied down. Of course, fans can only take a guess as to who the traitor is at this point. I’ll continue clinging to my «Nezu is a spy without knowing it» theory though. Jinpachi Nezu is the head of a band of pirates controlling Lake Biwa. But I thought about something. He loves sake (liquor), women and his ship to no end. So, the fandom does have a few ideas on who the traitor is. cover art not owned by me cover art not owned by me He starts a friendship with Kakei after they meet during his travels, and the two swear an oath of brotherhood. But they unaware that there was actually 2 traitors. He's a super genius and an animal. spoiler. Because maybe there is no traitor.

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