Most visits are trouble-free. Tourists enjoy the beach next to a policeman on patrol in the resort city of Acapulco, Guerrero state, Mexico on March 16, 2010. 2.

"In the Cancun area, there's areas of Cancun, the city, [where there are] neighborhoods that tourists probably shouldn't go into, but most tourists aren't going there." No, but just to a certain degree, as it is still affected by the . PLAYA DEL CARMEN, Mexico — Tourists taking the ferry from this tourist town to the island of Cozumel now walk down a wharf lined with police, … Looking back, this trip was a call to adventure. To be aware of what is happening, tourists are advised to review OSAC’s Mexico-specific webpage for proprietary analytic reports, Consular Messages, and contact information. There are currently large numbers of migrants moving en masse from Honduras through Guatemala to Mexico and beyond. Most dangerous places in Mexico — and where it's still safe to travel. The idea of visiting Latin America came after being enamored by the Mexican people living in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles. Is Tijuana dangerous for tourists? Aside from a few hotspots of crime, most of Mexico is safe for tourists.

Is Mexico Dangerous in 2018? I live in Colima, Mexico and have since 2012. The number is the highest since comparab… Mexico is a popular travel destination, but many tourists are concerned about safety in the country. Thomas Finn, mentioned in a Twitter post that he was robbed in Mexico June 3. Are you now, or do you plan during your 2–3 month stay to become, a worker for any trans-national criminal gang (cartel)? Towns and cities near the border, as well as cities on the Pacific and Caribbean coast, have been hit hardest by the violence. Relatives invited m Not once did I ask myself is it safe to travel to Mexico. ongoing war on drugs. I had taken a risk one day after being inspired by Mexican culture. Mexico is a popular travel destination, but many tourists are concerned about safety in the country. Yes. In 2012, Mexico had a murder rate of 21.5 per 100,000 people. Reconsider travel due to crime. Use caution in areas outside of the frequented tourist areas, although petty crime occurs frequently in tourist areas as well. Mexico broke its record for homicides last year, and the dynamics that are driving that violence are unlikely to abate in the near future. By Christine Delsol.

Mexico posted its highest homicide rate in decades, with the government reporting Sunday there were 29,168 murders in 2017, a 27 percent increase over 2016. Last year, Mexico was ranked the 22nd most dangerous country, just one spot behind Venezuela, and six Mexican metropolises currently rank among the world's 50 deadliest cities. At the same time, record numbers of U.S. citizens are either visiting Mexico as tourists or residing in the country, yet the number of Americans murdered in Mexico … In fact, all of Mexico’s popular tourist areas are relatively safe, so whether you’re traveling for the beach or the culture, you can be assured you’ll be welcomed and safe.

Over 576,971 British nationals visited Mexico in 2017. Here is a list of places I traveled to by myself and didn’t encounter any problem with local people or tourists. How dangerous are vacations in Mexico? More than 30 people have died in recent attacks in the city. Statistically? Mexico is indeed dangerous. Mexico state (Estado de Mexico) – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Don’t let this discourage you from visiting Mexico, however. Both violent and non-violent crime are common throughout Mexico state. Wiki User 2014-01-13 15:08:34. Mexico City; Cuautla; Cuernavaca; Tepoztlán; Oaxaca; Puebla; Cholula; Chiapas; Mérida ; Playa del Carmen; Tulum; My wish is that you find some comfort in knowing that I managed to do it all by bus – supposedly the most dangerous way to travel around Mexico. "A guy took $200 from me in … But before I can give you an answer, I have to ask you a few questions: 1. Some tourists have recently had safety issues while traveling to Mexico.

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