A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor that generates more fissile material than it consumes.

PCR has been used to (choose all that apply) Definition.

Main components.

Did You Know? A breeder reactor is designed to produce: Definition. Iodine-131 has a half-life of 8.1 days. 10. control is maintained in a nuclear reactor by control rods that 11. what exactly does a breeder reactor breed? B. burns intensely when exposed to oxygen. Breeder reactors can utilize nearly 100% of the energy contained in uranium and thorium ores, while the reactors currently used for nuclear power generation can use at most 1%. ing (brē′dĭng) n. 1.

Such reactors are known as breeders, and commercial breeder reactors are now operating in France.

Condenser Primary loop Secondary loop Tertiary loop Steam Generator Reactor coolant pump Reactor Pressure Vessel Condenser coolant pump 2. This special type of reactor is designed to extend the nuclear fuel supply for electric power generation. It contains low-enriched uranium (<5% U-235), control systems, and structural materials.The core can contain hundreds of thousands of individual fuel pins.


The nuclear fission of uranium-235 is shown in the following equation: […] New designs are coming forward and some are in operation as the first generation reactors come to the end of their operating lifetimes. The collision results in nuclear fission. Besides the U-235 isotope of uranium, the other commonly used fissionable isotope, plutonium-239 (Pu-239), is very rare in nature. The coolant is the material that passes through the core, transferring the heat from the fuel to a turbine. Review Questions for Chapters 9-11 .

Breeder reactor can maximize production of new fuel. D. biomass. Study 43 GLG 121 FINAL flashcards from Alex H. on StudyBlue. A breeder reactor is a nuclear fission reactor that creates more usable fuel (plutonium-239) than it consumes. Proliferation Issues 39. plutonium: Term. A nuclear fission reactor generates energy through a controlled nuclear fission reaction Difference between breeder reactor and nuclear fission reactor A breeder reactor is a nuclear fission reactor that produces more nuclear fuel than it consumes. Fast breeder reactor (FBR) G 8 Steam power plant H Question III The figure shown below for the pressurized water reactor, name the indicated parts. So for reactors that require excellent neutron economy (such as breed-and-burn concepts), Thorium is not ideal. Nuclear Power Reactors (Updated April 2020) Most nuclear electricity is generated using just two kinds of reactor which were developed in the 1950s and improved since. Chain Reactions are basically fission reactions which through the products produce more chain reactions.

The production of offspring or young: measures to control the breeding of mosquitoes. Uranium-238 (238 U or U-238) is the most common isotope of uranium found in nature, with a relative abundance of 99%.

The pebble-bed reactor (PBR) is a design for a graphite-moderated, gas-cooled nuclear reactor.It is a type of very-high-temperature reactor (VHTR), one of the six classes of nuclear reactors in the Generation IV initiative.The basic design of pebble-bed reactors features spherical fuel elements called pebbles. Most nuclear plants in the United States use _____ to cool fuel rods and run turbines. 38.

Nuclear reactors are used as research tools, as systems for producing radioactive isotope s, and most prominently as energy sources for nuclear power plants. The core of the reactor contains all of the nuclear fuel and generates all of the heat. Breeder reactors: Making more nuclear stuff. Buzzle lists out the advantages and disadvantages of breeder reactors. Nuclear reactor, any of a class of devices that can initiate and control a self-sustaining series of nuclear fissions. C. peat.

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