The hibiscus roots should be moist, not wet. Pests – The Hibiscus is susceptible to whiteflies, aphids and mites. The temperature should be consistently between 45 and 50 ℉.

In cold weather climates, the plant can be moved indoors or to a greenhouse to protect it. It can be left outdoors in warmer climates, where temperatures seldom drop below freezing. Avoid planting in direct light. The plants also prefer a humid atmosphere. Don't over water the hibiscus plant, as you may flood the roots.

Use rooting hormone and shelter the cutting from direct sun until it begins to grow. It is possible to grow hibiscus in containers indoors if you have a spot that receives full sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day. Pruning – Moderate pruning should be done to keep the plant tall. Make a hole in the soil large enough to comfortably hold the root ball and plant as above. Hibiscus is a tropical plant that needs warmth in the cold weather. Although hibiscus is a common outdoor shrub, you can also grow it indoors. When you water your hibiscus, water until you see water come out the bottom of the pot into the plant tray, but after 12 hours the water in the plant tray should be gone. A little effort will go a long way to yield colorful flowers and a healthy plant. Water the plant when the soil feels dry. As an indoor plant the hibiscus needs a little more care than in the garden. Water the plant thoroughly. This is the first year we are over wintering the plant indoors. Aside from choosing the right variety to plant, there is a need to emphasize the growing conditions in the external environment, such as the light and temperature requirements of the plant. Position hibiscus plants in a light position.

Fill the container with fresh, general purpose soil. An evergreen shrub with abundant flowers, hibiscus is most often planted as a shrub in outdoor landscaping. There are methods to use outdoors that protect this tropical plant from the cold. Every summer we grow hibiscus on our deck. Make sure that you are not taking a perennial hibiscus indoors as these should remain outdoors. For bushier results, prune the branches back immediately before the dormant period.

The most likely scenario is that you are bringing in a hibiscus from outdoors to overwinter in your four walls. That minimizes the plant's shock from being moved. Many gardeners bag their plants, which seals in heat and moisture and increases newly planted cuttings' chances of surviving. This is normal, since the conditions in a pot differ from that outdoors. Nevertheless, it is worth having a look at the care instructions, as the so-called Chinese hibiscus feels very comfortable indoors and pampers its owners with gorgeous flowers. Dig a hole and place the hibiscus roots in the hole. Move your hibiscus indoors when the outdoor temperatures are the same as indoor ones. If there is still water standing in the tray, pour it away. Hibiscus can also grow indoors in flower pots. Indoor hibiscus, like outdoor hibiscus, will need a lot of water in hot weather and much less water in cold weather. Hibiscus can be propagated with soft-stem cuttings in late spring when the plant begins to grow again. 8. The leaves fell off but there are flowers on the tips of the branches. Positioning Indoors. If you live in … Preparing Tropical Hibiscus to Go Back Outdoors in Spring. If the plant is kept indoors during the winter, it should be placed near a South-facing window. The hibiscus to care for indoors is the Chinese hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) or at least a cross-bred variation of it.

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