It’s really no different than incubating a chicken egg. If you already have laying quail, the eggs can come from your cages. Wash the unit with a warm detergent solution and rinse with a disinfectant solution. Quail eggs should not be washed. Before incubation, quail eggs can be stored for up to 7 days. Gather the quail eggs. This can be more difficult with ducks and geese but if their nesting areas are kept clean, there is no reason why their eggs shouldn’t be reasonably clean when you collect them.

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To incubate they need to be in an incubator for 18-21 days depending how big your incubator is and it's Maximum capacity is the main factor. The internet would have you believe that incubating and brooding Coturnix quail is difficult.

Coturnix quail eggs can stand for ten days at room temperature but you must turn them at least 2 per day. The chicks can be hatched without disturbing the other incubating eggs.

Quail breeding is both a hobby and a business that requires skillful care. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the incubator and hatcher before each usage. If it is your first time with quail, you can purchase a set of fertilized eggs from another quail farmer. Try not to handle the quail eggs too frequently. Remove all egg shells, down, dust, and extra material with a broom or vacuum. Forget fumigation and floating techniques.

I’m here to let you in on a secret… it’s not.

The only difference is that it takes less time and you might as well forget about candling. When dry, turn the units on and bring to proper temperature and humidity …

Incubating & Brooding Coturnix Quail.

When handling quail eggs make sure that hands are washed to avoid bacterial contamination. it is no good adding to the incubator when there are other eggs already in the process of incubation. The act of raising quail starts even before the time their eggs have hatched, just as the earliest signs of quail life manifest themselves. How To Incubate/Hatch Quail: Beginner’s Guide to Incubating Fertile Eggs and Hatching. Dirty eggs can be incubated or washed using a suitable egg disinfectant before incubation but heavily soiled eggs are better off left out of the incubator unless they are particularly valuable.

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