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The GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is the name for a looping animations used in social media and texts. Yeah, the moron who created a prolific graphics format. According to an article in Time magazine dated Feb 25, 2020, the history of the pronunciation of GIF has been colorful and controversial. Now you can go forth and freely pronounce GIF with a hard G as you naturally would, because you have every right to do so. H ow do you pronounce GIF? Nov 23, 2019 #10 Jif obviously you uncultured swine .

You’d think that when the inventor of the image format specified how everyone should pronounce Gif, it would solve the debate.

How do you pronounce gif and WHY? Graphics Interchange Format = GIF. 1. Thread starter CooingSlinky11; Start date Nov 23, 2019 gif or jif gif. This is probably one of the most important questions that you could ever have asked Jeeves. Whether you like your Gs hard or soft, let’s all share some fun and let peanut butter unite us in saying GIF and eating Jif.” Credits. 1.

Calling it JIF was a gaffe. It stands for Graphic Interchange Format. 0 comments. 0 comments.

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:-) Stickers The ubiquitous file format that has stirred debate over the years whether it is pronounced like “gig” or with a “J” sound as in “jig”. asked May 14, 2019 in DATA360_Spring2019 by Tiffany Nguyen ( 8 points) outpriced Joined Aug 6, 2019 Messages 1,275 Reactions 386. How to pronounce GIF, once and for all ... How the heck do you pronounce this word? share. save hide report. Re: How do you pronounce "gif?" GIF creator Steve Wilhite reveals how to pronounce GIF. But another geek debate was put to rest Tuesday. If you feel compelled to honor the pronunciation given by the GIF’s creator out of some sense of obligation, that’s perfectly fine too.

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As the first group's presentation brought up, how do you pronounce GIF? how do you pronounce gif. What GIF would you want as an animated tattoo? Finally, in an effort to keep this lame repost involved in current affairs, how do you pronounce "Huawei"? Creative Credits Sir, why did you not name it JIF like the peanut butter then! The debate over how to pronounce Gif has been going on for about as long as the format has been around. It wasn't a big deal when I read about it in 1990 so I really think the problem is today's morons who can't accept if you invent it you can pronounce the name any way you like. If you want to know how a name is pronounced asking the person who came up with the name is a pretty good way to do it. Posted by 23 hours ago. Dadestroye Well-Known Member. “If you’re looking for all the GIFs, there’s only one GIPHY,” “If you’re a soft G, please visit It didn’t. But in an interview with the New York Times, the creator of the GIF said people who pronounce it with a hard 'G' "are wrong.

We can't settle iPhone vs. Android or "Star Wars" vs. "Star Trek" for you. Now I absolutely think that GIF sounds better with a hard G, if I were to have named it, I would have used a hard G, but I didn't, and the guy who did said to use a soft G, so it's pronounced with a soft G. Even though I think that it sounds bad to pronounce it that way, I don't get a vote in how it's …

How do you pronounce Gif? jif ... Aug 1, 2019 Messages 6,158 Reactions 5,186. GIFs are a great way to use visuals to enhance your text conversations, and using isn’t hard once you know how to text a GIF.

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