The Model-Prime Armor features regular Iron Man Armor weaponry, namely repulsors, a unibeam, and a micro-missile array.

It’s not even an armor, it’s a GIANT spaceship that is 25000 foot tall. Behold, godkiller armor . Shinji Ikari (Earth-616)/Equipment | Tokyo Ghoul Fanon ... ... ---- This is definitely near the upper end of what Wolverine can do, and since it's not a sustained lifting feat like the shark or the elevator, it's probably a good baseline to go by for the sort of force Deathstroke will have to contain when Wolverine starts to struggle against him in a grappling match.
CaptainNZZZ, LoneFury and Furons Empire! When the armor was retooled by Victor von Doom, he added two more unibeams in the chest, making the suit capable of firing a tribeam at once. The Batsuit is made of triple-weave kevlar centered around the most obvious target, the chest-mounted Bat symbol. like this. Two of the most notable examples include the Suit of Sorrows and the Hellbat Armor. Hellbat 8/10. Godkiller armor was made to kill BILLIONS OF CELESTIALS (average celestials, not modern day celestials that overpower a pre-universe celestial by any means) by Aspirants!

And here's Logan swinging around Dragon Man by the tail.

It is popularly known simply as the Batsuit.

Ve más ideas sobre Cómics, Mighty power rangers y Green lantern corps. En muchos foros e visto que utilizan el feat de odindestructor vs los celestiales para darles la victoria.


Dragon Man has a given weight of 2722kg. The Godkiller armor was designed to kill the Celestials by the billions by the Aspirants, a rival race of cosmic beings. Templarknight92. However, Batman proved capable of fighting Parademons, interrogating Godfrey, defeating Kalibak, fighting Darkseid, and escaping Apokolips before the suit began to cause life-threatening damage to his metabolic systems. Offensive Powers.

The repulsors have multi-vibrational capabilities, being able to damage beings with phasing powers.

Hellbat armor was forged so that Batman could take on beings like Darkseid, who's a low-tier Skyfather level IIRC. HELLBAT MURDERSTOMPS.... Hellbat is faster and stronger than Superman himself. Me has aclarado muchas cosas sobre ellos. The best fictional armor is plot armor. 26 abr.

Element X also known as the Tenth Metal, is the purest form of creation itself, capable of overcoming anything from the Dark Multiverse.

Preguntas para todos: 1-Onslaught normal va Exitar. Armor Design Edit.

A gift from Talia, Batman used the mystical properties of the Suit of Sorrows to boost his physical skills, to defeat Ra’s and his army of assassins. Flebbie The Wanderer, Jan 30, 2015 #48. On the other hand, the Hellbat Armor is quite possibly the most powerful suit in his possession. 3-Giorno Giovanna con Golf Experience Requiem vs Pennywise en su verdadera formaforma. The Batsuit has an electrical system that can shock assailants as a last resort. One of Batman's most recognizable items among his prized possessions in fighting crimes in Gotham City is his unique costume. It can be manipulated by thought alone to achieve nearly anything, and is present in small quantities in every single thing, sentient being or otherwise, in the Multiverse. Hellbat armor is a good candidate too Krimson, Jan 30, 2015 #33. The Hellbat Armor is powered through the metabolism of whomever is inside of it, giving it a short lived usage time. 2020 - Explora el tablero "Inner Geek" de richiam, seguido por 135 personas en Pinterest.

According to Recorder 451, the Godkiller singlehandledly reduced the numbers of the Celestials from 'as many as the stars in the heavens' to the few that remain today, although how it did this is unknown. Bleeding Edge is pretty cool-looking, but it hasn't gone toe-to-toe with someone like Odin or even the Silver Surfer, and I doubt it could survive against Darkseid. Enohthree, Jan 31, 2015 #50. 2-Awakened Dio con The New World vs Pennywise 2017.

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