The French Battleship Tech tree - A Quick Recap If you’ve been diligently paying attention to the other community contributor’s videos and streams, you will surely have noticed that the French BBs are just around the corner. The Lyon class was a set of battleships planned for the French Navy (Marine Nationale) in 1913, with construction scheduled to begin in 1915.The class was to have comprised four ships, named Lyon, Lille, Duquesne, and Tourville.The first two were named for cities in France, and the latter pair honored the French admirals Abraham Duquesne and Anne Hilarion de Tourville. Intended as a reply to the German pocket battleships. french bbs; bbs; alsace; lyon; richelieu; bretagne; not normandie because that ship is a hot mess; battleship…

ST, French battleship Lyon, tier VII. Laid down 24 Dec 1932, launched 2 Oct 1935, completed 4/1937. Share this post. We’re reaching the final phase of the testing and showcase. A version of the battleship design of the post-war period. French Battleship Lyon Reload time 30 s., 180 degree turn time - 45 s., maximum dispersion - 250 m. I've used Lyon as the AA Defender of a group of friendly ships when it's time to push.

The addition of the fourth main gun Lyon — French Tier VII battleship.. A battleship design created before the outbreak of World War I, representing an improvement on the previous Normandie class but carrying enhanced primary armament.

Richelieu was a French battleship and the lead ship of her class. Main battery - 4x4 340 mm.

The class was to have comprised four ships: Lyon, Lille, Duquesne, and Tourville.The first two were named for cities in France, while the rest honored French admirals Abraham Duquesne and Anne Hilarion de Tourville. By poeticmotion, March 6, 2018 in French Battleships. Replaced battleships France and Ocean. See page 14-15 in Jordans French Battleships 1922-56. Realistic surface details including armament (for warships), stacks, masts and lifeboats. HE damage - 4700, AP damage - 9500. Link to post Share on other sites.

This site uses We recommend the following browsers Select Language Site search Donate Site search Donate The core of Lyon's AA is her medium range set of guns. I will try and check to see if French Battleships of World War One has the exact firing angles for the Lyon proposal. The Lyon class was a proposed type of battleship which was planned for the French Navy in 1913, with construction scheduled to begin in 1915. Ordered in 1935, and designed to counter the Italian Littorio-class battleships, Richelieu was the first French 35,000-ton battleship. Details: Highly detailed model ship with historically accurate paint scheme and markings.

Hit points - 46000, plating - 25 mm, belt - 180 mm.

Live up the AA while you can though, eventually the ship will get the AA Reputation and CVs will learn to be more cautious around her. This is what I am aiming for. To use this banner, please see the full instructions. This would likely balance Lyon and make her a rather difficult ship to use, rather than allow her to curb stomp all competition with 16 barrels. By AdmiralFrenchFry, July 3, 2017 in General Discussion. Made of metal alloy.

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