God’s *glory had left the original *temple by the east gate (10:19). Comments. It contains three sections, each of which addresses a different subject matter.

Chapters 1–24 concern the fall of Jerusalem. (this date is accurately precise because this book contains more defined dates than any other book in the Bible.) In chapter 40, the prophet is transported in vision from his home among the exiles in Babylon to Israel, where a divine messenger holding a measuring rod appears to him.

Chapter Summary After the prophet had observed the courts, he was brought to the temple. But Ezekiel’s last *vision was a promise that gave hope. The Temple - Properly the holy place (a), as distinguished from the porch (G) and the holy of holies (B) 1 Kings 6:17; 1 Kings 7:50. The side chambers were in three storeys. The Book of Ezekiel has the most logical arrangement of any of the prophetic books. Answer: Ezekiel was born into the priestly line (Ezekiel 1:3), but he served God as a prophet. As Ezekiel's making this prophecy, Pelatiah falls down and dies. The messenger gives Ezekiel a tour of the temple, measuring the various walls, gates, and courts. All 1,189 summaries now available in paperback and on Kindle.
The entire compass of the temple mount has become a holy of holies ( Ezekiel 43:12). The doors between the temple and the oracle, Ezekiel 41… In Ezekiel 40–48 Ezekiel sees a detailed vision of a grand and glorious temple.
Ezekiel 41:1 "Afterward he brought me to the temple, and measured the posts, six cubits broad on the one side, and six cubits broad on the other side, [which was] the breadth of … An account of another building over against the separate place, Ezekiel 41:12-15. In Ezekiel 41:1-4, the measurements continue with the temple. Verse 1. This lengthy vision has been the subject of much speculation and various interpretations through the years. Question: "What is the significance of Ezekiel’s temple?" The posts - The outer wall of the temple was six cubits thick Ezekiel 41:5.The eastern posts of this wall forming part of the front of the temple were ornamented with pillars, six cubits on each side. The altar of incense and the table, Ezekiel 41:22. Chapter Summaries: Genesis Chapter 41 Summary. Book of Ezekiel known to be written by prophet Ezekiel and is placed immediately after Lamentation in OT. In chapter 40 Ezekiel entered the inner court of the Temple area from the outer court. Summary. The minute and exact detail is one that demonstrates the Lord's intense interest in all that is involved with His creation, and His relationship with His people.

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