Comment by profilerv2 Most likely you are both correct to a certain extent, be nice to have someone in the beta confirm this faction. To start the quest, ask the innkeeper in Whiterun about any rumors he might've heard. I don't usually do the Ebony Blade quest, but gave it a go this time. 5 Answers .

My suggestion to all, don't wait to lvl. ATLSTP. Mistake. The quest itself is not difficult, but more so time consuming. The Ebony Blade is a long, two-handed katana weapon that can be obtained during the “Whispering Door” quest after reaching level 20 in Skyrim. Price TES V: Skyrim [HD] Ebony Armor Set Review (Commentary) ... Skyrim Leveling Tricks . Everyone in the Sanctuary plus Astrid is 6. If you -- HavocAngel -- someone who's over-shadowed by the multiple people who beat you too the punch by fixing ebony blade, attempted to decrease the size of the blade along with making it one handed, I guarantee you'd be much more popular than anyone else who's done work on the ebony blade by making it closer to the original than anyone has out at teh moment, plus it would look f*^!%&g … The first set I do recommend is Jailbreaker, this will increase your speed by 10%. This mount costs 200g less when exalted with the faction (1000g minus 20 percent = 800g). Obtained through The Whispering Door quest, the Ebony Blade has a life-leach property that starts at a base of 10 and can be leveled up by killing friends

The Ebony Blade is a most sinister weapon. she also said "its a fine day with you around" Answer Save. 40) and then explore the forests because bandits will carry them. Chapter IX: The Ebony Blade. After I helped clear out Kolskeggr Mine, I killed the 2 miners. ... Just as had been the case the last few times, I was notified of the stat changes leveling up would bring. I did not realize your drops scale to your lvl and thus … The problem is, I think the quest glitched on me. Relationship is not reset or erased when NPC dies, so one can charge Ebony Blade with only one eligible NPC by repeatedly killing and raising that NPC with Dead Thrall, Ritual stone power or one of the reanimation staves (other reanimation spells will turn corpse to dust after first reanimation). Yamazaki Skyrim- Walkthrough Daedric Artifacts # 2 "Ebony Blade" HD . Seems like it would be even more useful than I thought. One eligible NPC - Follower sacrificed to Boethia - will not work this way.

Artisan was +3 Dexterity and Charisma while Alchemist was +2 Intelligence and Wisdom. Relevance. Its description says: There are a few ways to speed up the leveling of Psijic Order Guild, mainly through gear that you can use to run or ride faster so you can get to the portals way quicker. Maphala's Ebony Sword help This is the last artifact I need.I killed 10 friends and Maphala told me it was completely restored.But for some reason its not changing over to Maphalas Ebony Sword still says Ebony Sword.What am I doing wrong? Now I've been killing more and more friends (Carlotta after getting Mikael off her back, Pavo after clearing the mine, Lucan and his sister, and more) and I only remember getting the text once or twice, and I do not remember her telling me it's fully charged I thought that I'd be done, but the Voice piped in just then. Let the mob rush me as they prepare to atk, I back up out of range then after their atk, I rush for and get in a couple of sword swings then once again back out. If you're not a goblin DK, you may be interested with spending some JP and buying badges (Ebon Blade Commendation Badge) to boost your Ebon Blade rep. I also killed the 2 Argonians in Lights Out! The Ebony Blade is the reward for the Daedric quest The Whispering Door. Now totally 8.

Powering up the Ebony Blade .

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