It can be reached from MAP31: Cyberden, and uses the music track "Nobody Told Me About Id" from Doom. Anyway, if you've played through Doom and Doom 2 but haven't been sure about Final Doom, check it out. By spidermastermind100 and 2 collaborators. In the years since, it's enjoyed a more favorable legacy than its sibling, TNT Evilution, so much so that it's had two unofficial sequels, Plutonia 2 and the WAD which this review covers, Plutonia Revisited. Name Filename Version Size Compressed Size MD5 Checksum; Doom II:Hell on Earth: doom2.wad: 1.9: 14,604,584: 4,550,451: 25e1459ca71d321525f84628f45ca8cd: The Ultimate Doom Doom (Original) Bethesda's Doom 1 & 2 console ports adding Final Doom, ... Evilution and The Plutonia Experiment, ... For more information, go here. They go hand in hand! Plutonia is a load of fun. If they add Final doom, then they have to add Plutonia.

Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment (Level 32 - Go 2 It) by PsychoUndSoXD. MAP32: Go 2 It is the super secret level of The Plutonia Experiment.

Final DOOM and Plutonia are the same thing: TNT Evilution and Plutonia are the two episodes of Final DOOM. Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment (100%) Ultra-Violence Walkthrough. Jump to comments (64) Games in this article. Final Doom - The Plutonia Experiment (Level 29 - Odyssey Of Noises) - Part 1 by PsychoUndSoXD. 8:41. The Plutonia Experiment was a megaWAD created by the Casali brothers for id Software as part of the Final Doom package. Final Brutal DOOM Plutonia 20 Days In Hell Map 2 The Crypt UV-MAX ZDoom, mod, sfw, wad, combo, Gate Watcher, boss, fight, Plutonia 2 The Gate Watcher is the next final boss (after the Icon of Sin) to be given additional powers. Only once, for the PlayStation, did that ever occur. This level is a highly modified version of Doom II's MAP01: Entryway, and was designed by Milo Casali.

This wad allows the Gate Watcher to personally attempt to grill your ass. I've only played a bit of TNT Evilution, and it doesn't seem nearly as good, but Plutonia is worth the price of Final Doom on its own anyway. ... Go 2 It is basically the aftermath of Entryway from Doom 2. But really, DOOM 64 needs a port more than anything. And Final DOOM basically never gets ports. (reposted with flair, deleted the original)

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