Male cats in particular can go from wanting to fight and chase members of the opposite sex, to being much more laid back and affectionate. Every cat is a blend of different personalities, just as people are. At the moment I have one unspayed female cat, so this question is about her. In the end, though, they'll be the personality they are and all you can do is ensure that they're well raised to have as few bad foibles as possible. Spaying and Neutering Causing Personality Changes.
My question is: How does a cat change after having kittens? [clickToTweet tweet=”8 Cat Neutering Myths Debunked – Truth be Told” quote=”8 Cat Neutering Myths Debunked – Truth be Told”] Summary.

How do Cats' Personalities Change After They are Neutered? The same study about human perception of a cat's personality due to their coat color also discusses white cats.They are seen as “less bold and active and more shy and calm than other colors of cat”.
If she were in season when spayed the abrupt change in her hormone levels may cause a change of some sort which may or may not be long standing. It is very important to take care of a kitten during the first six weeks of its life. He'll naturally become less playful as he grows to adulthood but he'll still have the same basic temperament. I've always gone quite a lot, with kittens, on meeting Mom and seeing what sort of cat she is as well as meeting the kitten. Many common conditions can induce irritability or pain that can change a cat’s personality. If you don't get them speyed you'll have to deal with them calling for males and trying to escape at every opportunity as the breeding urge in cats is incredibly strong. Their personalities change with age it's just a part of growing up, most kittens are loving and playful but sometimes they grow up to be cats which are much more seriously minded. For example, one survey indicates black cats more easily tolerate crowding and indoor living than tabby-pattern kitties. But other unrelated events in a cat's life are more likely to cause a personality change. If you're worried that neutering your wee kitten will change his entire temperament for the worse, don't be. Although neutering produces some changes in the behavioural aspects of cats, it does not change their personality.

As kitten socialization begins to decline at about 7 weeks of age, selection testing may become increasingly more accurate after this age. But by being alert to your cat’s personality traits, you can help him live with less stress and increased contentment, which is good news for everyone involved — both 2- and 4-legged. When you have your cat spayed or neutered, this could change their personality; indeed it very often does due to the resulting hormonal changes. Of all the cats I've ever had I've let two females produce kittens, first in 1988 and second time in 2012.

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