Training will help you deepen your knowledge of Christian faith. Kudos Donald. If you believe God has called you into ministry, then attending a Bible college … Generally, becoming an ordained evangelical minister … I prefer that over the term “worship leader”. There are a few programs that focus on youth ministry leadership, some of which may be available online. When this happens, they often get credit for courses already taken (such as New Testament Survey).

They wouldn't need to go to school to be a minister. Don’t overlook the “mere fishermen” around you because they don’t have letters behind their names.

Find out more about … “Worship Leader… If you have a seminary degree, be careful that you don’t buy into the fallacy that it is necessary for every other pastor to have one too. There is no educational criteria set for the Australian prime minister. Do We Need A Bible Degree. Your Life Is Not Your Own.

All a person needs to know is in the bible. All you have to do … Stephen [/quote] To become an Extraordinary Minister …

If you think that you will preach on Sunday and have the rest of the week off, then you need to think again.

[quote=slewi]Hi everyone! I wholeheartedly agree. People will expect you … Pick a good one where the training will truly be supurb and will give you more training than you have already, and take this opportunity to go. I first became a lay pastor in my early 30s, and now in my late 30s, I am finally ordained as an Interfaith minister and commissioned chaplain with the United States … Thanks! It will ensure you are developing habits of prayer that will sustain you in ministry. If you already have a bachelor's degree, you may want to explore master's degree options. But I believe it’s important to emphasize what you value. To be a minister, you must be more in love with a higher calling than the paycheck. Does anyone here know what one needs to do to become a Eucharistic minister? Do they have to go to school for a certain amount of time, is it done by the diocese, the church, or what? If you don’t have a seminary degree, do not allow this to stop you … Once you sign up to become an ordained minister, you'll have the legal ability to be a wedding officiant, perform baptisms, funerals, and blessings, as well as start your own church and preach!

It’s not.

2. If you have a degree that isn’t specific to the Assembly of God church, you’ll need at least 24 additional units in Bible and Theology to qualify to become an ordained Assembly of God minister. You may think I’m getting a little nit-picky, and maybe I am. It will give you skills to be a minister. When someone asks me what I do, I say I’m a “worship pastor”. Worship Leader vs. Worship Pastor. Therefore, some students attend Bible college only to go on pursue greater studies at the seminary level. If you have an interest in serving as a minister for a particular evangelical church or denomination, ask about formal requirements for ordination, and set your training accordingly. That said, an analysis of the 29 PMs from 1901 to 2015 found that 68% were tertiary educated. Once you have your education requirements in check, you’ll go … In … If a person isn't called by God to preach his word and or to be a Pastor, then don't.---Rebecca_D on 8/8/05: In short, it doesn't. Many churches have … It is even more common for the most recent PMs to be tertiary educated and you… But if you're still young and able to go to seminary, and especially if your calling to be a pastor is confirmed by people who say you're ready now, then I think you'd be wise to go to seminary.

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