Inquisitive by nature, the Cornish Rex character is often described as "naughty but nice". Personality: The Cornish rex becomes involved with their parent. Welcome to Cornish Rex Kittens If you’re looking for a Cornish Rex kitten with a great personality, you’ve come to the right place. The Cornish Rex is a highly intelligent, affectionate and extroverted breed, notwithstanding its somewhat aloof and sophisticated appearance. Most Cornish Rex like to play fetch and chase with other pets and with people. Next Last. It is playful, adventurous, and always on the move. It adapts to any type of environment, prefers warm and comfortable interiors, they like this comfortable and quiet, they adapt to any space. … In general, they love being handled by their parents. Despite its appearance, however, it has a friendly personality. The coat of the Cornish rex is unique among cats.

Cornish Rex Cat Personality Traits Despite its gentle appearance, this breed is a real charmer with a sense of humor . 1 of 2 Go to page.

It is silky and soft but forms itself into waves that look a bit like corn rows.
Although always up for a rather dog-like game of fetch, a Cornish Rex will do his own toy tossing if need be, using his paws with the dexterity of hands. I am very intrigued by the REX breeds.

She loves to be right next to her parent and must have some time together every day. The Cornish Rex is an athletic cat and will maintain her ideal weight if provided with enough space for exercise.

Living With: The Cornish Rex is a high energy breed, similar to most Oriental cats in personality. They love to be right next to their parent and must have some time together everyday.

With our Cornish Rex Kittens we’ll give you that hand raised, affectionate Rex personality that you have come to know and love . Once seen, never forgotten. They are a friendly, outgoing and active breed of cat who gets along with children and other pets and make a great family companion. The cornish rex cat is a playful, sociable, affectionate cat, likes the company of children.

The litter contained one curly-coated orange and white male kitten, … The charismatic temperament of a Cornish Rex is what makes the breed an enjoyable family member.

Thanks to the close lying nature of the coat, you can easily tell if a Cornish is getting too heavy.

Get to Know the Cornish Rex: A Pack of Personality in a Ballet Dancer’s Body. When they are free to choose their … The Cornish Rex cat is delightful, distinctively different, constantly charming and captivating. Personality: The Cornish Rex becomes involved with her parent. Intelligent and independent, if you live with other pets and cats will lead the cats. The first known Cornish Rex was born on July 21, 1950, on a farm in Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, England, when a tortoiseshell and white random-bred cat named Serena gave birth to five kittens. Many Cornish Rex will do anything to be with their parents and will even learn to walk on a lead in order to spend more time together. Cornish Rex Personality. A Cornish Rex will not thrive if he or she does not receive ample loving attention.

As so often happens with unusual breeds, a nondescript barn cat gave birth to a litter that included one kitten who was a little different from the others. Personality. May 4, 2009 #1 C. cattypolly TCS Member Thread starter. Personality: The Cornish rex becomes involved with their parent. A lively, active and intelligent breed that is quite talkative. They love to be right next to their parent and must have some time together everyday.

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