According to research, work that has stopped engaging you can be harmful to your wellbeing. But it is possible to insulate yourself from the phenomenon that affects millions of … Feeling unsatisfied by an activity, or uninterested in it, can lead to boredom. Do you feel burned out, overworked and underpaid? Boredom is a common feeling. In an article discussing the real-life habits of self-made millionaires, author Thomas C. Corley admits that many successful entrepreneurs he studied found the experience “intensely boring” at times.

Boredom may occur when you feel energetic but have nowhere to direct your energy. Experts rec-ommend that you think long and hard before quitting. Work-related burnout studied. By Andrew O'Connell, 15.12.2015, Approx. The risk of feeling run-down and “burnt out” is increased when you work more than 40 hours a week, reports the Daily Mail. Burnout is not necessarily caused by excessive stress. Burnout or Boredom? Boreout – when Boredom leads to Illness. It must be time to leave! Everyone knows the concept of “burnout” – the illness of top bosses and the stars. Teresa F Sonsthagen, BS, LVT North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND 58105 Abstract Even the greatest job loses its attraction after awhile and you may start thinking about or even search- ing for a new job. Boreout syndrome is akin to burnout syndrome, but rather than arising from an excess of challenging work, it arises from a surfeit of it. The Daily Telegraph adds that simply “having a boring job can leave you just as vulnerable to experiencing ‘burnout’”. Research has shown 32% of European employees are at risk of being affected by boredom-burnout syndrome at work. That’s a lot, but don’t panic just yet, it’s not necessarily serious or permanent. Here, we take a look at its causes and consequences and how you can put things right. Related: 7 Ways to Get From Burnout to Balance Here’s the seldom-voiced truth: Boredom and entrepreneurship often go hand in hand. Home > Blog > Boreout – when Boredom leads to Illness. Boreout syndrome, also known as work boredom, is a complex phenomenon that may have many negative effects on those who suffer from it and, although some people think that keeping their seat warm whilst doing nothing is great, this may cause chronic boredom, low self-esteem, and even serious psychological issues, which may, in turn, lead to taking time off work due to depression. Wednesday 29 June 2011 . 3 min reading time. Boredom and burnout: The two sides of a coin. On the contrary, it is often the result of boredom due to a paucity of challenges that test your mettle.

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