Updated: November 19, 2019. I believe that bear cartridges start at the 6.5s and .270s as a minimum and move up to the .375s, and the middle-of-the road 7mms, .30s, and .338s are the best option—if you can handle the … Best Calibers for Brown Bears. I am going on a horseback Mule Deer hunt in Grizzly Country. or heavier premium bullets) Recommended.300 and .338 magnums, ... recommended and best calibers for ten different big-game species. What then, are the best grizzly bear rifles? No need for a 17 round magazine as you would be lucky to get off 3 shots before the bear is on you.

Latest. Grizzly Bear Minimum Caliber.30/06 (with 180-gr. While it’s still not quite the best round you could use for the biggest game such as grizzly or moose (though it could do the job if you needed it to), the .30-06 is a superb round for all other game on the continent. While all the calibers mentioned above will kill a black bear, it is wise to select a powerful caliber for the worst case scenario—a charge by a wounded bear. I am told that it is advisable to have a side arm for protection from the grizzly bears. By Tyler Freel. .300 Winchester Magnum Are you using enough gun on your hunting trips? The rifle you bring hunting should be one with which you are comfortable. These bears range more in the south eastern and central east slope areas. Gear. Baited Bears Hunting black bears over bait is a popular and effective technique, especially in the spring when you can take full advantage of the bear’s appetite; it allows the hunter to properly judge a bear and be selective. More . The 7 Best Brown Bear and Grizzly Cartridges. Our favorite picks for bear country defense and grizzly hunting.

Keep reading to learn about the best caliber for hunting in 2020. The simple choice looks to be a 44 mag, with hard cast bullets, but I'm interested in hearing what you guys are using, and what advantages and disadvantages you have seen.

Rounds you can trust when hunting North America’s largest predators. The Outdoor Life Father’s Day Gift Guide. Guns. Gear. Because of the presence of brown and grizzly bears, many hunters have been convinced that a .300, .338, .375, or .416 magnum is needed for personal protection and to take large Alaska game.

Even the .big 500 S&W has little more energy than a .30-30. Is This The Best Hunting Caliber? The optimum load for a trophy bruin depends on how you plan to hunt. Yes, the bigger cartridges do slightly more damage than a .45 ACP, but we are talking about animals that can sometimes soak up .375 H&H rounds as if they are BBs. For bear defense, on the other hand, the best option would be a .45-70 Springfield, and specifically out of a Marlin 1895 lever action guide gun or similar rifle. Latest. James Boren Recommended for … The Perfect Alaska Bear Rifle By: Michael Rogers There is perhaps no other category of hunting accoutrement that will spur more interest or throw more gasoline on a proverbial fire than discussing the idealized bear rifle for an Alaskan hunter. And beyond hunting, no gun collection is truly complete without a .30-06 rifle of some sort in the mix. Find out. This is simply not true. Most African countries that have Cape buffalo require a minimum of .375 H&H as the legal hunting caliber. Now let’s talk about weapon choice because you’re not going to find a guide who wants to follow a wounded bear into the bush.

. Is there a caliber that works best for multiple uses? Barring a perfect or an extremely lucky shot, no handgun has the energy to drop a bear in its tracks. Bears are often shot at closer range than herbivores to ensure effective shot placement, so flat trajectory is less a factor. Latest. Which caliber works best on which critter? Guns. Ultimate Guide for Grizzly Bear Protection 409 - Duration: 28:06.

For the sportsman-hunter, hunting these bear in strange country under hunting conditions, I’d place the minimum in standard commercial cartridges as the .30-06 shooting 220-grain ammunition, and Winchester’s new .358 with either 200-grain or 250-grain bullets. Bear attacks happen fast, typically unexpected and at very short range. The Ultimate Truck Gun Build (Plus 14 More Guns for Your Pickup) Hunting. I will be with a guide. Grizzly bear have such a ferocious reputation that many bear hunters desire to use that power to safely hunt the large bruin.

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