But for about $499 you can get the Mossberg 930 semi-auto which beats all 3 hands down.

Link to post Share on other sites. A few of you wrote … It's much, much easier to get parts for the 870, so much so that mossberg makes barrels for it. Benelli ; nova vs. stoeger p-350 Sign in to follow this . Mossberg 500. carolinaslayer 10 carolinaslayer 10 Junior Member; Members; 10 3 posts; Posted February 26, 2009. i have recently been looking at getting the benelli nova and have done a fair amount of …

they are all good. Rem 870 Express. The aluminum receiver makes the 500 lighter. I have been looking at the Mossberg 500 (the cruiser and the tactical). The Gun Fight Friday from two weeks ago pitted the Remington 870 against the Mossberg 500 in a battle of budget pump guns. I found a Beneli Nova tactical shotgun and a Mossberg tactical for about the same price. Underneath that polymer is a steel skeletal frame to ensure longevity and durability. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. But I am interested in the Benelli M4 semi-auto shotgun. Edited July 28, 2010 by DyNo! New Shotgun: Mossberg 590A1 or Benelli SuperNova Tactical I am looking into getting a home defense shotgun in the next few months (plus shooting at the range), and I am looking into one of these two shotguns. However I'll take the 870 every time. Break-open, double barreled guns come in Over/Under and Side-by-Side form and have advantages, but price is definitely not one of them. Beneli - Molded stock, 18 or 18&1/2" barrel (forgot), 5+1, tactical sights (ghost sights I think they are called) I have the Mossberg 500 and like it fine. It doesn’t have the classic good looks of an 870 Wingmaster or a Mossberg 500. Rather than hardwood, the Nova is built with a one-piece polymer stock and receiver that Benelli claims increases the shotgun’s strength. By carolinaslayer, February 26, 2009 in Benelli. I feel like the Benelli would be over kill when it comes to home defense, but would be an interesting part of a gun collection. but benelli shotguns are over rated. Which one did you pick and why? The downside is that the Benelli is about three times as expensive as the Mossberg. Nova/Supernova are relatively new, whereas 500's and 870's are basically ancient and have yet to have anything to replace them. Which one would you guys recommend and why? Break-open, double barreled guns come in Over/Under and Side-by-Side form and have advantages, but price is definitely not one of them. … I have owned all four guns at one time or another. I am sure they are both good shotguns. Benelli is a great one as well. The Flex TLS System variant changes the playing field with regard to the versatility of a pump shotgun. Followers 0. nova vs. stoeger p-350 . The Remington 870, Benelli Nova, Browning BPS and Mossberg 500 and variants all exemplify this type of no-nonsense slide-action scattergun. The Mossberg Model 500 features an ambidextrous safety located at the top of the receiver where a shooter’s thumb naturally rests when firing the 500. Bryan 45 Bryan 45 Burned Out; Classifieds; 2,909 posts; Gender: Male; Location: Elizabethtown, KY; Posted July 29, 2010 (edited) The Nova is the easiest shotgun to … All three do the job well. Benelli Nova vs Mossberg 500 Firearms General Discussion.

There have been many pump-action shotgun models manufactured over the years, but these four—the Remington 870 Express, the Benelli Nova, the Winchester SXP, and the Mossberg 500—are probably the most popular low-priced models. I have all 3 and the ranking is easy: Benelli Nova. I know the Mossberg is 8+1 and a 20" barrel while the Benelli is 3+1 and a 18.5" barrel. i have a mossy 500 now and i really cant complain about it, it has worked flawlessly and is only like $250 new. i shot the benelli m4 last weekend which is a $1700 shotgun and i wasnt impressed with it. Mine has withstood everything I’ve thrown at it. The Remington 870, Benelli Nova, Browning BPS and Mossberg 500 and variants all exemplify this type of no-nonsense slide-action scattergun. the benelli nova pump however was a great gun, i had one a few years ago and i wish i kept it.

($409 Beneli and $399 Mossberg) Looking for opinions from people who have or know these guns. I've fired a Mossberg 500 and I own a Benelli M1. Quote; Share this post. From what I've heard Benelli's pump lines are nice shotguns, but 500's and 870's are PROVEN nice shotguns.

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