Most New Testament translations use the word blessed in stating the beatitudes but give no indication how the word is to be pronounced. Similar phrases in dictionary English Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE). Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. abundantly, altogether, at all, blaspheme, bless, congratulate, curse, greatly, When you translate this Hebrew script directly into English, you get the spelling of “Barak”. The Aramaic word for Blessed is mevarach (מברך). The Hebrew Word For Blessed. An epithet indicating that a person has been beatified. The Aramaic word for Blessed is mevarach (מברך). Barack is an African name meaning “blessed.” It is a form of both the Hebrew name Baruch (ברוך) and the Arabic name Mubarak (مبارك). In the paleo Hebrew script, the word translated as “bless” and “blessed” looks like this: krb. Thus they leave the pronunciation, and therefore the meaning of Jesus’ words, open to very different interpretations. Pa`elbless, praise: Perfect3masculine singular בָּרִךְDaniel 2:19, 1singular בָּֽתְכֵת(K§ 39, 3) Daniel 4:31, both with לof God; Passive participleמְבָרַךְDaniel 2:20the name of God (be) blessed. A surname. Alternative letter-case form of [i]blessed [/i] used when referring to an important figure, such as God, or to an important item or event. Barack is an African name meaning “blessed.” It is a form of both the Hebrew name Baruch (ברוך) and the Arabic name Mubarak (مبارك).

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