"It's not about art," he … Andy Goldsworthy has made a career out of creating exquisite sculptures from twigs and stones, leaves and snow. British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy has long been known for his unconventional approach to art.

D irector Thomas Riedelsheimer, who documented some of English artist Andy Goldsworthy’s work with naturally occurring materials in 2001’s Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with Time, explores an even wider range of Goldsworthy’s works in Leaning Into the Wind: Andy Goldsworthy.Some are as ephemeral as the “rain shadows” that Goldsworthy often makes, … This is how we begin. Hole, Serpentine Gallery.

A Yorkshire farm was where, from the age of 13, British artist Andy Goldsworthy first learned his trade: how to use a shovel, skin a hare, build a dry-stone wall. In 1989, Andy Goldsworthy created four massive snow rings at one the most remote place on Planet Earth, the North Pole.

Sculptor Turns Rain, Ice And Trees Into 'Ephemeral Works' British artist Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures melt and decay. It's a soft September day in Dumfries and Galloway, the light glaucous. Andy Goldsworthy’s installed sculptures at the North Pole. And it is to the grounds of the 500-acre Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield, where he first worked in 1983, that Goldsworthy now makes a fitting return for the largest ever exhibition of his work.
Rather than building monumental constructions on or out of the land, Goldsworthy works almost telepathically with nature, rearranging its natural forms in such a way as to enhance rather than detract from their beauty. Here on the page and there in the field. Ahead of a major retrospective, Tim Adams meets Britain's foremost landscape artist. As far as I can tell, looking at his art, his greatest influence comes from nature, with a bit of sly humor thrown in. These ephemeral sculptures marked the position of the North Pole and were built around it. Goldsworthy's Hole, made inside the Serpentine Gallery in London, is a continuation of a commission from 1981, in which he created another hole in the gallery's garden.This later Hole, unusual for Goldsworthy, takes a work of nature out of its solely pastoral setting, and brings it into the gallery setting - in a decidedly Robert Smithson fashion. ANDY Goldsworthy reaches out his hand for me to touch. Branching out: why artist Andy Goldsworthy is leaving his comfort zone Art and design In a new film, Goldsworthy climbs trees, walks through hedges and creates a house from boulders. Andy Goldsworthy, (born July 26, 1956, Cheshire, England), British sculptor, land artist, and photographer known for ephemeral works created outdoors from natural materials found on-site.. As an adolescent growing up in Yorkshire, England, Goldsworthy worked as a farm labourer when not in school.That work fostered an interest in nature, the cycles of the seasons, and the outdoors. A sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy not only works with nature, but in nature. Summary of Andy Goldsworthy.

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