Reset; KokoFlix Video Blog ... Have you ever wondered how Koko spends her days? Research & Care. In fact, all gorilla subspecies are now classified as either endangered or critically endangered – just one step away from extinction.

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0 0 1 503 2868 The Gorilla Foundation 23 6 3365 14.0 0 0 […] Read More.

The Aspinall Foundation's founder, John Aspinall, dreamed of reintroducing gorillas bred at Howletts and Port Lympne back to the wild almost as soon as he started collecting and breeding them in the early 1970s. True to our name, the Guerrilla Foundation helps activists & grassroots movements build pockets of resistance, that will contribute to larger societal transformations toward a living, circular economy with a deeply democratic society that prioritises social & ecological wellbeing. Date Range. Proceeds go towards all of the Gorilla Foundation’s programs to achieve conservation through communciation. KokoMart is the Gorilla Foundation’s online store, specializing in unique educational products based on gorillas Koko, Michael and Ndume, and their role as ambassadors for their endangered species. The Gorilla Foundation er en international NGO (non-profit) organisation, stiftet i 1976 af Francine Patterson (1947-), dyrepsykolog, professor, Ph.D. samt Ron Cohn, Ph.D.. Francine Patterson (1947-) arbejder som professor ved Santa Clara University. Westliche Gorillas leben nahe dem Golf von Guinea, wobei der Cross-River-Gorilla nur ein kleines Gebiet in der Grenzregion zwischen Nigeria und Kamerun bewohnt.

Conservation Through Storytelling. Parker Meets Koko. Blog Research & Care. We are extremely pleased to report that Cameroonian scientist Denis Ndeloh Etiendem, recipient of Gorilla Foundation’s 2009-2010 Wildlife Protectors Award, is nearing completion […] Read More. While mountain gorillas are mainly herbivores, they occasionally snack on fruits and insects, especially ants and larvae. WHAT WE SUPPORT. Posted On: May 04, 2016. Programme objectives, focus areas, target groups & selection criteria.

However, mountain gorillas travel much less than their cousins, the Lowland gorillas, for they don’t have to travel far to get a meal, they are surrounded by food in their habitat. Gorillas leben im mittleren Afrika und ebenso wie die Schimpansen nur nördlich des Kongo-Flusses.Die Verbreitungsgebiete der zwei Gorilla-Arten liegen jedoch rund 1000 Kilometer voneinander entfernt. But there is hope. The Gorilla Foundation shared this announcement via social media, trying to ride the wake of their recent documentary publicity I suppose. learn more . Gorillas are terribly vulnerable. Author. Gorillas are nomads and can travel up to 1,000 meters a day in search of food. Conservation Blog.

Today, this dream is being carried forward by his son, and current chairman of The Aspinall Foundation, Damian Aspinall. Posted On: May 07, 2014. Poachers’ illegal snares, the destruction of their forest home, human diseases and armed conflict are all having a devastating impact on them.

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