By Leah Asmelash and Hollie Silverman, CNN. Chicago, IL – Today Environment Illinois released “Ten Scary Facts about Lake Michigan,” a new factsheet which compiles 10 of the most frightening realities about pollution in the area's most iconic waterway. Where does Plastic Pollution come from? Great Lakes’ latest pollution threat: ‘microplastics’ Plastics are very slow to degrade, meaning they could survive in nature indefinitely Michigan Surface Water Overview. There are several programs in place which support this goal. Lake Michigan was a beautiful and safe natural body of water where aquatic life could flourish. One of the greatest obstacles facing The Great Lakes is pollution from plastic. The equivalent of 100 Olympic sized swimming pools filled with plastic bottles is dumped into Lake Michigan yearly. One example of pollution on the Lake Michigan shore is the Indiana Dunes, which is located on 45 miles of shoreline of Lake Michigan. All 63 miles of Illinois shoreline support drinking water uses. However, despite its small size, the Illinois portion of the Lake Michigan watershed is home to half of the total population of Illinois and the lake itself is the largest public drinking water supply in the state, serving nearly 6.6 million people (of a total of over 10 million lake-wide). As plastic pollution breaks down in the Great Lakes, microscopic pieces of plastic are found in the lakes and even treated drinking water.

Tiny strands of plastic are turning up in alarming numbers throughout Lake Michigan, raising concerns about a previously unknown form of pollution that scientists fear poses risks to … More than 22 million pounds of plastic pollution end up in the Great Lakes every year, according to the Rochester Institute of Technology. Erie County Regional Municipal Pollution Prevention … Call: 1-800-292-4706 (Outside of Michigan) or 1-517-373-7660 (Michigan) Pollution Prevention. “Last year, the amount of water released from Lake Superior into lakes Michigan and Huron was the highest in 32 years,” the story states. There is no debate that most of the pollution in the Great Lakes, and around the world for that matter, is the result of human activity. In 1998, voters authorized the state to issue $675 million in bonds for cleanups and other environmental projects. The group was joined by Chicago Alderman Proco Joe Moreno, and many activists. Updated 4:20 PM ET, Sun August 18, 2019 . In addition to the beach closures, an estimated 3,000 fish were killed as a result of the incident. A chemical spill near Lake Michigan leaves beaches closed and hundreds of fish dead. Meanwhile, Michigan officials are worried about losing federal funding for Great Lakes and other environmental projects. Great Lakes’ latest pollution threat: ‘microplastics’ ... Lake Michigan or Lake Huron, although it’s much less than Lake Erie, their study showed.

Michigan Surface Water Overview. Many people have tried to save the Dunes in the last century. There is also no debate that pollution has caused drastic changes to the environment and it continues to harm our water. According to a recent study by The Rochester Institute of Technology, 22 million pounds of plastic debris enter The Great Lakes every year. Also, the state is running out of money to clean up legacy pollution. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Also rising: lake levels.

The reason for these changes is the ongoing dumping of toxic chemicals from industrial plants. Decades ago, Lake Michigan teemed with nutrients and green algae, casting a brownish-green hue that resembled the mouth of an inland river rather than a vast, open-water lake. Cyanide from a steel plant trickled into Lake Michigan for days before the public was notified A dead catfish floats along the bank of the Burns Ditch near the Portage Marina in … All 63 shoreline miles were rated as having good overall resource quality. A recent story from the Chicago Tribune explored how Lake Superior outflow is contributing to an already overflowing Lake Michigan. Pollution Prevention Education and Technical Assistance for the Lake Michigan and Lake Superior Basins in Wisconsin University of Wisconsin, Cooperative Extension, Solid and Hazardous Waste Education Center ; Project Summaries FY 1993. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is committed to protecting and preserving Michigan’s water resources. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Lake Michigan Lakewide Action and Management Plans (LAMPs) Under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement (GLWQA), the governments of Canada and the United States have committed to restore and maintain the physical, biological and chemical integrity of the waters of the Great Lakes. In accordance with Governor Gretchen Whitmer's request to limit personal interactions, EGLE has closed its district offices and other facilities to visits from the public to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

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