I am loading Hornady 255 gr LRN with Unique powder and Winchester WLP primers. If you're into reloading, here's some valuable load data to get you started. I just cast some lead bullets 230 grain for plinking. Saving a little on lead by not going to the 255 grain. Target loads in .45 Colt; Target loads in .45 Colt. Powders include IMR, Hodgdon, Winchester 44 Remington Magnum Handgun Load Data; 45 Auto (ACP) Load Data; 45 Colt (Single Action Army & Replicas) Load Data; 45 Colt (Ruger & T/C Contender & Encore) Load Data; Cartridge Data; Components by Caliber; Nosler Home 38 Super Auto +P. If you want them send me a pm with your email and I'll get them out to you. Recipe.

His .45 Colt 260-grain gas-checked is often the answer for barrels prone to leading or for high-velocity loadings. You have to consider the gun you have & what your use is. Magnum. In posts both on this and other forums it seems 8-8.5 gr of unique is a pretty common load with the 250-255 gr …
SWC - 9.6 grains Unique Lyman # 454190 , 250 gr. In 1873, the U.S. Army adopted a new service handgun and cartridge, the legendary Colt Single Action Army pistol and the equally iconic .45 Colt.

Min Charge Max Charge … Reloading Data For The .45 Colt The .45 Colt with Lee Precision Data is a very popular … I don't plan on any competitions shooting. Anyway, this older can produced two squibs which didn't reach … I load for a Ruger Blackhawk & a Judge & load accordingly. 45 Colt Load Data It's pretty hard to find any other handgun cartridge that is as versatile as the good old 45 Colt.

10mm Auto. The round was originally loaded with a 255-grain lead bullet over 40 grains of FFg black powder for a velocity of about 900 fps. I also plan of reloading some lead rounds for it. Reloader's Guide Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. 45 Colt overpressure or bad technique Reloading: fredvon4: Handloading Procedures/Practices: 21: 09-22-2010 08:34 AM: 1860 henry in 45 colt: tkbigbore: Leverguns and Their Cartridges (General) 7: 06-23-2010 07:12 AM: 45 Colt Contender experience? 45 colt reloading data, 45 colt reloading data loads, 45 colt unique loads, 45 lc reloading data, 45 long colt reloading data, 45 long colt reloading data for pistol, hs6 powder for 45 colt, most accurate 45 colt load, reloading data 45 long colt, rerload daya for 45lc with 185 grain bullet, sierra v-crown bullets load data for the 45 colt These loads are safe in all modern .45 Long Colt revolvers in good operating condition. 41 Rem. I have some published loads for the 45 LC that are loaded in three levels, that is for the old Colt SA's, the Smith 25, and then the TC's and Rugers. I just purchased a Ruger Vaquero in a 45 long colt. There are over 25 cartridges shown (including everything from the .25-20 Winchester, .32-20 Winchester, .38 Long Colt, .44-40 WCF, .44 Russian, .45 Long Colt, .30-30 Winchester, .45-70 Government, to the .50-140 Sharps) and hundreds of recipes especially suited for low velocity lead bullet rifle and pistol loads. 380 Auto. Using bullets from Cast … 12 gauge. By Dave Thornblom. SWC - 9.0 grains Unique Lyman # 452664 , 250 gr.

FA83 6” w/.45 Colt Cyl 250gr JHP, 26.0gr H110, WLP, 2x Starline = 1 ¼” – 5 shots 250gr JHP, 14.8gr HS6, WLP, 2x Starline = 1 3/4” – 5 shots (4 shots 1 ¼”) FA97 4 ¼” w/.45 Colt … 32 H&R Magnum . Click on a term to search for related topics. The first category contains loads within the 14,000 psi (or 15,900 cup) SAAMI maximum pressure limit.

I've had good results with this load before although I may have previously used powder from a newer can of Unique. I've seen some data in Handloader magazines where they list 45 Colt data in several pressure groups.

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