Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away are among his films. Synopsis. Tokyo Godfathers (Anime) - TV Tropes Tokyo Godfathers is a 2003 Anime movie directed by Satoshi Kon; the film is heavily based on the silent movie The Three Godfathers… S atoshi Kon follows his meta homage to the movies, Millennium Actress, with a Christmas card to Tokyo’s homeless inspired by John Ford’s religious western 3 Godfathers.Three outcasts discover a newborn baby girl at a dumpsite and use a series of items (keys, photographs, business cards) to find her parents. Four outlaws come to New Jerusalem, a town full of courteous and religious people, to rob the bank. The Pythons were godfathers to all ambitious jokers who followed – Lorne Michaels and Chevy Chase met in line for a Holy Grail screening.

Hayao Miyazaki—Co-founder of Studio Ghibli, and the biggest name in modern anime. His work, Grave of the Fireflies, is considered by some to be one of the greatest anime films ever made. Cyberpunk is a Speculative Fiction genre centered around the transformative effects of advanced science, information technology, computers and networks ("cyber") coupled with a breakdown or radical change in the social order ("punk"). After shooting the president of the bank, only three make it out of town followed by the posse. Feb 13, 2016 - Explore zoehendrix's board "miscellaneous" on Pinterest. 1 year ago It does, but only one done by Animax Asia, which only aired in English-speaking Asian countries and isn't easily accessed. Three Godfathers. Given it's dubbed in Hong Kong, and their average cast is around 5-7 people under poor voice direction, it's not likely to … ; Isao Takahata—Co-founder of Studio Ghibli and famed anime film director. 1936 Directed by Richard Boleslawski.

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