Wotkyns both of whom were working with Springfield Armory during the Roaring Twenties helped finalize the centerfire cartridge's design and chambered it in converted M1922 Springfield rifles, but it was Winchester that first legitimized the cartridge for the commercial market in 1930.

If you reload you will really enjoy working with all three cartridges: 22 Hornet, 22-K Hornet and 218 Bee. Twitter. ***** 22 CCM: Said to be dead but it's not. Even if you buy nicer hunting ammo off the shelf, hunting 223 is usually no more than … I prefer the 22 K Hornet to the Hornet. Currently my favorite powder is Hodgdon's LilGun but I heard of a new Alliant powder that was developed for magnum handguns and works well in the 22 Hornet. Vmax at roughly 2950-3000 fps vs my CZ 527 .17 Hornet with Hornady 20 gr Vmax at roughly 3600 fps, the former is a confirmed 200 yards Ground Hog killer and I expect the later to stretch that out to 300 per the Ballistic charts. .22 Hornet: Good performance but if not managed properly, brass life is short 22 K Hornet: A little more velocity over the standard Hornet but brass life is said to be quite a bit better. One of my favorites is the .222 Remington (not the magnum version but the original). The sister magnum rimfires are around $0.40/round, while basic 223 ammo is about the same cost and it can be reloaded for quite a bit less. It can be shot with magnum primers, no powder and still out performs the 22 mag. Magnum Research BFR 22H10 .22 Hornet. Have both in Ruger M77/22's (what's wrong with the extra cost of the Rugers - classic little rifles!) To load the BFR you first open the loading gate. Much like the Ruger single-action revolvers, the hammer stays safely in a down position. Guys I am considering a new rifle purchase and was thinking of a .22 hornet but I already have a .22 mag.Is there an advantage of the hornet over the … Neither will kill a wild boar unless you shoot them repeatedly in a vitlal area with a whole lot of ammunition.
22 Winchester Magnum, or “22 Mag” for short, was the big dog rimfire for decades. Typically running a 30-50 grain bullet at 2200 fps, 1880, or 1530, respectively, it was a big jump over the typical 22 round of a 40 grain bullet at 1200 fps. No manipulation of the hammer is needed to free the cylinder. Between the two I'd go for the Hornet unless there's a .17 HMR you really like. .22 Hornet vs .22WMR The .22 Hornet traces its lineage back to the .22 WCF. The modern rifles chambered for the Hornet with the 1-14 twist ratio are cabable of shooting the 35 and 40 gr V-Max very close to 3000 fps with Hodgdon Lil' Gun powder. The .22 Hornet is the more powerful of the two.
22 Magnum, 22 Hornet, 22 Long Rifle However, after Winchester Model 54 rifles chambered in .22 Hornet went into large scale production in 1933, the cartridge really made it into mainstream use.

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