Step 12: Service For those in recovery programs, practicing Step 12 is … Step 11: Making Contact The purpose of Step 11 is to discover the plan God (as you understand Him) has for your life.

I need a 12 step plan to let go I need a 12 step plan to let go Think in diamonds and spades Bunch of nickels and dimes The more that I drink, I think That you weren't worth my time You're riding the wave I'm stuck in the tide The more that we sink, I think Baby I need a rescue sign Tell me the recommended dose Some cheap therapy, tryna let go 12 Step Plan Lyrics: You're selfish and vain / A dozen a dime / The more that I drink, I think / Baby I wouldn't press rewind / You're out in LA (ooh) / I'm wasting my time (my time) / The more that I

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