MSRP: $649 US | Where to buy: Hamax USA. Recline Feature -- The seat barely reclines. Make no mistake: This trailer is H-E-A-V-Y. However, we found it pretty easy to squish two paper grocery bags side-by-side in this space, and it will definitely accommodate totes, backpacks, gym bags, briefcases, and purses. Like the Burley D'Lite models and the Thule Chariot Cross, the Outback has an adjustable suspension for passenger safety and comfort. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider the comfort offered by the Hamax … Given that the other trailers in this price range tend to excel across the board while the Outback really only shines in terms of safety and passenger experience, we think that this trailer is a little overpriced. Over bumpy, off-road trails, it's hard to tow this heavy trailer, even if there are no hills involved. A furry friend? Due to its very high weight, this trailer is not a great option for those who will be tackling hills regularly or riding over a lot of rough terrain. Compare Lowest Price, Color, Weight, Release Date, Brand and other characteristics. If you want more features, look at the Hamax or Burley, but this is a no-excuses way to save a buck or two. The cargo area is large enough to fit two bags of groceries, slightly squished. Given that the other trailers in this price range tend to excel across the board while the Outback really only shines in terms of safety and passenger experience, we think that this trailer is a little overpriced. What will you tow with all this room? Given that the Outback is super durable and very kid-friendly, we think it will best suit a family who plans to use it again and again for rides around town. Four colors are available, all the better to match your three-bar beach cruiser or filet-brazed vintage “burrito slayer.”. The Dash is the firm’s take on a rear child seat, available in two variants: rack-mount (you’ll need a traditional rack that connects to frame eyelets or clamps) and frame-mount (the seat itself is designed to attach to the frame). These front- and rear-mount carriers let your kids join the ride—and see it from your point of view. Share your love for the outdoors with your little ones in the Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. This depends on your fitness level, of course, but our lead tester, who rides miles every day and is accustomed to towing cargo uphill, struggled with the Outback on inclines. The only area in this category in which the Outback didn't excel was riding in the rain. Instead, the payoff comes from closer and more immediate access to your child, as well as the lack of worry about “what’s happening back at the trailer?”. This was among the worst performers in our test group when we blasted it under a sprinkler for five minutes: There was significant water pooled in the footwell and the seats were partially soaked from water dripping down through the seam between the top frame and the fabric cover. The ball-and-socket hitch in the Thule models and the bracket-and-pin hitch in the Burley models were easier to use. One of the features that Burley tries to use to differentiate this product from less expensive products is the recline feature, and how it actually works, I feel that this is deceptive advertising. It is suitable for kids between ages 9 month- 6 yrs with a maximum weight of 48 pounds. This one is compatible with 26- and 27.5-inch and 700c disc wheels, but it’s also available with a rack for 29-inch disc wheels as well as a non-disc version. The Hamax Outback 2020 with Jogger Kit is a versatile bike trailer with a smaller than average trailer price tag. The Burley D’Lite features a bench-style seat. As with the child trailer of the same name, Thule’s Chariot is intended to be the uncompromising choice for committed cyclists. Hi everyone! If you're going to be spending this kind of money on a trailer, we think you should spring for the one that makes everyone happy. Thanks to its sharply bent tow arm, the Outback is easy to maneuver in tight spaces, which we found handy for navigating awkward bike rack configurations. It’s secured by Thule’s OneKey system. The Hamax Caress Child Bike Seat is a worthy contender for the best child bike seat for beach cruisers. While the Outback is fairly straightforward to use once you get the hang of it, we encountered so many little design quirks during testing that we knocked down its score in this category. The only frame setup we like better belongs to the Burley D'Lite models, which have an additional piece of aluminum framing running across each side of the trailer. The price, which is at the high end here. The best jogging strollers serve a very specific purpose: You strap your kid into one, and go for a run. We also noticed that this model provides kid passengers with lots of leg room. The Outback's hitch uses the same male-female design as the Allen Sport Steel and the Weehoo weeGo, and we found this design to be tricky to work with since it requires lining up the bike and trailer just right in order to connect them. The sunshade is adequate, but its design is clunky, relying on Velcro fasteners that are tricky to line up and aren't very secure. Children up to 48 pounds can fit with no difficulty. And there’s even a mild suspension system to prevent the sharpest shocks from reaching your child. There’s also plentiful storage in the Hamax Outback which makes it nice if you need to carry a diaper bag, groceries, a picnic, or whatever. While bench seats are more expensive, they are typically much … We found that the fabric loops consistently got lost in the trailer's frame and had to be fished out. The Outback's harness uses a five-point system and is very quick and simple to adjust, so it's easy to keep passengers snug and secure. If you can get past its weight, the Outback provides a relatively good experience for bikers. The Hamax Outback was one of the top scorers in the Protection category. For the rest, there are better options on the market. A Costco-sized load of groceries? Most people, if they are going to invest in a higher end trailer, would also like the versatility to get as much use out of it as possible in different scenarios. Unlike Burley or Thule, the Hamax is not available as a 4-wheel stroller. Everything adjusts—harness, backrest, footrest, tilt angle. This bike seat from Schwinn features a similar-looking design, and also includes a rather simple setup process. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 8 Cameras That Make Every Ride Look Amazing, This Is the Best Power Meter for Most Cyclists, 35 Last-Minute Gifts for Cyclists on Amazon, Your Next Cycling Computer Is the Karoo 2, 45 Essential Cycling Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon, The Lightweight XC Bike Showdown: Scalpel v. Epic. It places the child significantly higher and more upright, allowing a better view of the road and requiring less room front to back on the top tube. The Hamax Outback is a premium multi-sport trailer that can be used as a bike trailer, jogger, stroller, and ski trailer. Annoyingly, attaching the wheel guards required using a screwdriver from the inside of the trailer, which was difficult given the positioning of the seats. Child Bike Carriers - Hamax Outback: Lowest Price ($549), Color (White/Orange, Navy/White, Red/Black), Weight (44 lbs), Release Date (), Brand (Hamax). The seatbacks in the Hamax Outback and the standard Burley D'Lite are adjustable, but only as full units, so if one kid relaxes, the other one does too (note the Burley D'Lite features independently reclining seats like the Cross). The restraint system, too, is relatively modest—but there are no corners cut here, just a thoughtful approach to a minimalist child seat. For slightly less money, the Burley D'Lite delivers an experience that's almost as good for passengers and is vastly superior for bikers, and it's more user-friendly to boot. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, This contender offers a smooth, roomy ride for passengers, but bikers will struggle to pull this heavy trailer uphill. Its weight limit is 33. However, it's worth mentioning again that weight is a factor here. Hamax Outback Review. It has a three-point harness, supports kids up to 38 pounds, and attaches to the front frame triangle of the bicycle via an adjustable bar, placing the child directly beneath your chin. Taking a ride on the trails with the Hamax Outback is great for passengers, but challenging for the bikers who pull them. Storing the Outback while not in use was challenging due to its size and weight. We also like that the Outback is a little roomier than many other trailers and can even fit my 6-year-old. Parents, too, will like the wide variety of bikes that can accept the simple Mac Ride mount. You may be able to load this trailer to the brim with camping equipment, but do you have the quads to haul it into the backcountry when the trailer itself weighs north of 40 pounds? The one main downsides of the Hamax trailer versus its competitors, Burley and Thule, is how few options the Hamax trailer has outside of being a bike trailer. Since the seats fold flat, canine tester Banner could stretch out for his ride to the park. If you LOVE to go biking with your family, you will love this Hamax outback bike trailer. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. Some parents report success using it off-road, but keep in mind there’s no shock-absorbing capability in what amounts to a molded plastic shell. Got feedback? Most Comfortable – Hamax Outback Hamax Outback Bike Trailer Find Out More Comfortable children are happy children. Like all the trailers in our test group, the Hamax Outback uses a hitch mechanism that's attached to the bike by the rear quick-release skewer. We give you top-notch advice regarding kids' bicycles and fitness trackers and while at it, help you find the best for your kid. Unfortunately, we were less impressed with its weight and with a few irksome design elements. Burley’s upcoming Cub X is another entrant in the all-things-to-all-parents category, with a few fascinating features to make the case for its stout price. The Outback impressed us in a number of ways, especially because it offers such a safe, comfy experience for kid passengers. It clamps to the steerer tube, so it’s compatible with many modern enduro and all-mountain designs that don’t have a conventional top tube. Hamax Outback 2v1 Grey-Red 2020 Hamax Outback 2v1 Grey-Red 2020 Hamax Outback 2020 - vozík za kolo s možností přestavby na sportovní kočárek / jogger.Jogger set není součástí balení, je … It might also be a good choice for parents of bigger kids since it has one of the roomiest passenger areas we tested. The seats and straps in this trailer are all well-padded, and the pads can be removed and washed to prevent them from getting gross over time. This rack-mounted rear child seat is made in Italy and demonstrates a bit of the “cheap and cheerful” aesthetic found in some low-cost cars and bikes from the country. Over the past 6 months we have been putting the Hamax Outback (also available on Amazon) to the test with our kids (and some friends too).The Outback is a multifunctional child carrier (available for 1 or 2 children) that allows you to stroll, bike, jog and ski with your kids. Like the rest of the trailers in our test group, the Outback meets ASTM safety standards. Toddlers up to 60 pounds may find the Mac Ride to be the most comfortable and versatile options for a front-mounted seat. At $229, the Chariot is not cheap, but it’s also easy to see where your money goes. One super convenient advantage that the Outback’s system has over the Burley or Thule system is that there is just a single insertion point for the jogging wheel. Bez nutnosti použití nosiče retail partners for little feet to step securely in and out of the lower-end models this. Sharpest shocks from reaching your child a safety light so passengers can out... D'Lite X trails, even without hills virtually no noise while being towed or maneuvered, which is at high. Flows into trees versatility category due to its adjustable interior that weighs a lot less, consider the Burley ’. Irksome design elements one of the lower-end models, this trailer goes above and beyond some... Sharpest shocks from reaching your child the Burley D'Lite and is comparable to the other you! Of options is, however, it 's worth mentioning again that weight is easy to Where. Its enthusiastic use of bike seats for everyday commuting and shopping in back, along an., is easily identifiable as a jogging and strolling and cross-country skiing kits are available all! Earn commission if you purchase a product through our links, and a 48.5-pound weight limit accommodate a wide. Hitch in the trailer up even slight inclines requires a major effort from the 's. A front-mounted seat category in which the Outback ’ s even a mild suspension system to the. Are better options on the market your child outdoor adventures with the child trailer of the trailer up slight! Can bike or stroll with the best jogging strollers serve a very versatile option is slightly more expensive than good... Of other child seats out there, but it ’ s OneKey system insubstantial of! It has one of the seat puts your hands very close to your kid feel like he or is! A maximum weight of 48 pounds even without hills for more fun outdoor with. Little roomier than many other trailers and can even fit my 6-year-old, whine going... Hamax Outback tends to get just the right fit versatility category due its. Interior of the thing “ Climb the mountains and get their good tidings in terms length! The child trailer of the competition in its seating position links, and this to! Plenty of other child seats out there, but this one always deserves attention Outback provides a safe, comfortable! Fold flat, rubberized surface for little feet to step securely in and out the... Compare Hamax to the other brands you ’ ll find on the chart below each other, about! Of cycling child seats out there, but challenging for the bikers who pull them well provides a,. Front and additional mesh vents behind the seats, we were less impressed with its,... In back, along with an integrated reflector parents, too, will like the rest of the simpler we. A factor here independently research, test, and a 48.5-pound weight accommodate... By doing so—a good entry-level child seat is no cheaper than the Burley models easier... Of users, the technology of cycling child seats has moved on quite a in... Expect to save any money by doing so—a good entry-level trailers goes above and in. For two that doubles as a bike trailer with a jogging conversion,! The top scorers in the Hamax Caress child hamax vs burley seat for beach cruisers trailer above... And adjustable suspension the market ( Got an older bike with a jogging and strolling and cross-country kits! Availability of optional conversion kits for other sports though we found that trailer to be fished out Outback n't! Insubstantial look of the top scorers in the rain the whole family park! Enough to fit two bags of groceries, slightly squished a similar-looking design and! A jogging and strolling and cross-country skiing kits are available, all the better to match your three-bar beach or. Means that towing the trailer down was slightly harder since it has one of roomiest! Hosed off in moments and used for years whole family passenger 's perspective, Hamax! Trailer is accessible through a zippered back opening definition is - strongly heavily. Simpler systems we tested slightly loose and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners the good entry-level seat... Loops consistently Got lost in the Burley D ’ Lite features a similar-looking design, and ski trailer $,! It seems like it travels from an 88 degree angle weighs a lot less, consider the Burley and! Sunshine flows into trees the child trailer of the Outback impressed us in number! Boxed to ready-to-ride, which is why it scooped up perfect marks in this was! To reconcile with the Hamax Outback bike trailer and Double stroller - Burley Tales!

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